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ASSIGNMENT 3: Case Study Learning to think like a nurse..

ASSIGNMENT 3: Case Study Learning to think like a nurse involves applying a structured framework for meeting a patient’s health needs. By applying the Clinical Reasoning Cycle (CRC), improved outcomes can be achieved for the patient (Levett-Jones, 2018}. This always requires the nurse to work within their scope of practice (NMBA, 2016). There are 3 family members in this case study that you can choose from. Please review the family information provided to you in the Diaz family case study lecated in Appendix B of this document. For the purposes of this assignment, please choose ONE {1) of the Diaz family members to assess using Stages 1 to 4 of the Levett-Jones Clinical Reasoning Cycle (CRC): a) Stage 1 Consider the patient situation (i) Apply stage 1 of the CRC, in relation to the case study. b) Stage 2 Collect cueslinformation (i) In applying Stage 2 of the CRC, refer to the Roper-Logan-Tierney (RLT) Model and consider a factor that influences activities of living, that is relevant to your chosan family member. You must discuss at least one (1) factor that influences activities of living. Eg. Biological, psychological, sociocultural, environmental, political-economical. c) Stage 3 Process information (i) In applying Stage 3 of the CRC, refer to the RLT Model and consider which activities of living may be affected. You must discuss at least two (2) activities of living. Eg. Safe environment, communicating, breathing, eating & drinking. Refer to LEO course materials for complete list. d) Stage 4 Identify problemsfissues (i) Apply Stage 4 of the CRC, in relation to the case study This assignment must be written in the format of a scholarly essay. You may choose to use headings. You need to utilise evidenced based literature to support your discussion. For the purposes of this paper, while seminal work (early literature) may be referenced, contemporary literature (from within the last approximately seven years) is a requirement. At least fifteen (15) credible and relevant references are required in this essay, and most should be research articles (reflecting the higher levels of evidence).

APPENDIX B: CASE STUDY INFORMATION Overview The following case study contains the information required to complete Assessment Task 3. Case Study The Diaz family live in a large single-storey home on a property in the suburbs of North-West Sydney. Sonia (46 years) and John (46 years) are parents to their three children who reside with them, Jasper (18 years), Rachel (10 years) and Harley (8 years). Sonia’s Mother passed away 2 years ago, following a respiratory infection that resulted in pneumonia. This year, Sonia’s Father, Patrick Burns (79 years), moved into the Diaz family home. The Diaz family also have two cats and four chickens. The Diaz family have booked an appointment at their local multidisciplinary Primary Health Care Clinic for annual health and wellbeing checks, including any blood tests required by family members. Family Age Background Member commenced his ises of Nursing Jasper enjoys charges distance to universi he does anum Jasper is alloreit top "at medical history and de Sonia Diaz 46 years Sonia is a medical secretary for a busy practice 20 km away from home. She works Monday to Friday, from 9am to 3pm. Sonia has high cholesterol, for which she takes Lipitor 20mg once per day. Following a recent appointment with her doctor, her cholesterol levels continued to rise, and this dose was increased to 40mg per day. Sonia would like to focus on improving her diet and exercise so that her cholesterol levels reduce. However, Sonia does not have much spare time, due to work, caring for her family and volunteering at her church every Saturday and Sunday morning. Sonia is also not sure what she should do to improve her health. week is a retired police officer, whe spent 45 years serving in the New South Wales Police Force, as a Constable. min decal Bowls club, regularly playing three times a week. Patricio Mir He now does not Sonia and John Diaz held comeerma a ed into the Diaz family home. Patrick’s medical history includes a myocardial infarction 3 years ago, wines compete recovery mic however requires cholesterol-lowering medication and a healthy lifestyle to prevent further cardiovascular injuries.

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