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Case Study on Environmental Health Directions:

Case Study on Environmental Health 

Directions: Carefully read the following case study. Thoroughly answer the questions related to the case study.  Remember that discussion questions should be complete and thorough when answered.

Caleb is a community health nurse who works in a rural farming community. In Caleb’s community, there is a rise in unexplained respiratory illnesses and cancers. The county in which Caleb works received a grant to help prevent and reduce these illnesses in this community.

As part of the grant, Caleb is required to visit each farmhouse in the community to educate the farmers about the increase in disease in the area. Caleb teaches the farmers that the illnesses are most likely caused by pesticide use. In addition, Caleb teaches the farmers and their families the importance of protection against the pesticides, including proper pesticide storage and handling; the importance of wearing goggles, heavy-duty gloves, and a respirator when working around the pesticides; and the necessity of performing hand hygiene on a regular basis throughout the day.

Questions to answer on the environmental health case study

  1. What is the community’s issue or concern?
  2. What is the source of the environmental hazard?
  3. What are the potential harmful effects of the environmental hazard?
  4. Identify the key areas to assess to include:  household, work, community
  5. Which resources have been identified or contacted to assist with resolution of the issue?
  6. What goal does the community wish to achieve regarding the environmental hazard?
  7. Identify appropriate prevention interventions to assist the community with resolving their concern.
  8. Which nursing roles were implemented?
  9. Were the goals achieved? How?
  10. Were the prevention measures adequate? Explain your answer
  11. Were the interventions adequate?  Explain your answer.
  12. Were the interventions effective?  Explain your answer.
  13. Were they efficient?  Explain your answer.