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Free Citation Guides for College Essays

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Citing an Essay Ensures Students Get Good Grades

Before submitting any college assignment, students must ensure that their papers are properly cited and not plagiarized. If an essay is not cited properly, students’ grades are usually penalized and consequently cannot pass with an A+.

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Various Citation Styles for College Essays

100% No plagiarism guaranteeOur online essay writing service guides college students on how to cite papers using different referencing styles such as APA, MLA, HARVARD, CHICAGO/TURABIAN, and IEEE. If you are struggling to format and cite your essay, contact us via Whatsapp and our non-plagiarized essay writers will do it for you right away!

How to Cite Essays Using Different Referencing Styles

See tips below on how to format a college essay using any of these referencing guidelines:

  1. How to Format College Essays in APA
  2. How to Format College Essays in MLA
  3. How to Format College Essays in Harvard
  4. How to Format College Essays in Chicago/Turabian
  5. How to Format College Essays in IEEE

Why should students always cite their essays?

Students must always cite material and evidence used in writing an essay so as to give due credit to authors whose works you have used to write your essay. Moreover, writing an essay without crediting sources used is considered as plagiarism and is the highest academic offence that a student can commit. Submitting a plagiarized paper is the easiest way to get kicked out of college!

How do you cite a source?

An in-text citation and a corresponding entry in the reference page is the most common way to cite a source used when writing your essay. Nonetheless, there are slight variations depending on the formatting guidelines required in different colleges.

I submitted my college essay without references. Will I pass?

No, a college essay without sources is an automatic fail. Your instructor will not give you an A+ or a good grade even if your submitted college essay is of the highest quality if sources used are not properly cited. Once students get to college or pursue any other higher level studies, they must learn to cite sources. Below are crucial reasons why sources must be cited. If you are in doubt, contact our plagiarism-free college essay writers to guide you on formatting and referencing.

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