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Communication Written Analysis watch a movie or TV show to…

Communication Written Analysis

watch a movie or TV show to analyze Therapeutic and Non-Therapeutic communication.

Your faculty have used the website The Truth about Nursing introduced to you in Week 2 to choose a listing of TV shows and movies appropriate for this project. You can choose any TV show or movie from the list below:

Movie: WIT, Knives Out, The American Nurse, Dawn of the Dead, One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

TV show: Call the Midwife, Virgin River, Chicago Med, New Amsterdam, The Resident, ER.


Once you have watched your chosen show, you will complete the Communication Written Analysis assignment. Remember the assignment is worth 6% of your final grade and must be completed by the due date. There will be no extensions.

Please refer to your weekly guide and course outline for dates.

Communication Written Analysis Assignment

Write a 250-500 word analysis of the movie or TV show you watched. Your analysis should include examples of: Therapeutic, and Non-Therapeutic communication, as well as 2 of the 5 principles of communication. You should also include either examples of phenomenology, words/meaning, conflict or caring and compassion in communication to demonstrate and highlight your points.

You must use APA referencing of your textbooks.

Your assignment should have an APA title page.

Your assignment must include the full name of the movie or TV show, and either the year it was filmed (movie) or the episode number and season (TV show).


References: Beebe et al., (2020) and Potter et., (2019) and Murray (2016).


Before you submit did you?

Write your essay using APA format (font, spacing, title page, reference page, intext citations)? Hint – you can review the APA module to ensure you are doing this correctly

Did you write a brief introduction paragraph for an academic essay?

Did you include what you watched (name of show/movie, release date/episode/season)?

Identify at least 1 therapeutic and 1 non-therapeutic example of communication with examples?

Identify at least 2 of the 5 principles of communication that you saw with examples?

Did you include at least 1 of the concepts of phenomenology, caring and compassion, conflict, or use of words/meaning with examples?

Did you write a brief summary for an academic essay?

Did you check your spelling and grammar?

The above is your rubric, read it carefully!