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Identify and challenge unjust practices in local and global…

Identify and challenge unjust practices in local and global systems

#6 Support personal and social responsibility initiatives at the local, national or global level


Students will pick one of the following topics and then complete the below questions in paragraph format using APA referencing (in text citation) based on the topic they choose. Students will be required to support their answers with evidence using a minimum of 4 references (1 for each question). This evidence can include the following provided examples, textbooks or scholarly journal articles.



Please pick one of the following unjust practice to focus on for this assignment: patient abuse/elder abuse, substance abuse, mental health or workplace violence/bullying




  1.  Identify if and how your clinical organization addresses your above topic. For example, organizational policies (related to mandatory reporting legislation and supports). If the organization does not address this, how could they address this topic? (ETPC12, 30, 32)
  2. Identify how this topic is addressed at both a provincial and federal level. You can look at professional regulatory bodies (CNO), best practice guidelines (RNAO), Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) and Canadian government sites. (ETPC11, 40)
  3. Identify how this topic is addressed at a global level. For example, the World Health Organization (WHO), Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) and the International Council of Nurses (ICN). (ETPC11, 40)
  4. Reflect on and identify your personal, social and professional responsibilities for this topic and how this may impact the nurse client therapeutic relationship. How would one’s personal values, beliefs and experiences impact this topic? Were these responsibilities identified and outlined within your clinical organization? Were they addressed by the other organizations that you researched (nursing professional bodies or Canadian government)? (ETPC7, 21, 22)