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Identifying the characteristics of an effective or ineffective..

Identifying the characteristics of an effective or ineffective leader is important when developing your own leadership style. One of the ways to do this is to work with and observe a leader or two and evaluate their leadership style. You will need to partner with a leader (Charge nurse, Department administrator or Department Nurse Leader, or another nurse leader) for at least 4 hours (Washington State students need to partner with a leader for 16 hours) Complete a clinical log, signed by the leader, with your experiences and submit to your mentor.  Write a paper and include the following information:



  1. What management problems does the leader encounter on a daily basis versus a weekly basis?
  2. Does the leader have the ability to make decisions or does he/she need to consult someone else on decisions? Does this impact immediate or just long-term decisions?
  3. Evaluate one problem you observed while working with this leader and how the leader dealt with the problem. Did they ask for your input?
  4. Quality and safety are an important part of healthcare. Analyze whether the leader deals with quality and safety issues in their position and why or why not as well as how they could become more involved.
  5. Is the leader involved in the evaluation of others? How does the leader feel about the evaluation of staff or processes of the unit or department?
  6. Interdisciplinary interaction is important for effective patient care and outcomes. Does the leader work with other departments and if so, how effective are the interactions?
  7. What is your overall impression of the experience and what, if anything, did you learn about yourself as a potential leader?  Are you still considering Leadership and Management?


1 . Analyze and evaluate information critically and competently, efficiently and effectively.
2. Demonstrate an overall comprehension of the course relative to a broad-based evaluation of your understanding of the course concept.