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James To , a 27-year-old Indigenous student, has been attending.

James To , a 27-year-old Indigenous student, has been attending university for 4 years. He is brought to the emergency department (ED) by his roommate, who found James lying on the floor, unconscious, with an open bottle of diphenhydramine (Benadryl) near his hand. The roommate tells the emergency room nurse that he does not know James very well because he spends a great deal of time studying or rehearsing with the orchestra, he plays in. The roommate says that James has lots of friends, but over the past couple of weeks, James has seen very few of them. He also has not gone to any of his classes. In addition, he has not gone to any rehearsals for 3 weeks. The roommate states that 2 months ago, James and Tina, his girlfriend broke up. She told him that she did not love him anymore. After that, James appeared quiet and withdrawn and started to sleep poorly. After receiving treatment in the ED, James is transferred to the intensive care unit (ICU) for observation and from there to the psychiatric inpatient unit. In the psychiatric unit, James admits to Victoria, a nurse, that he has “feelings of sadness.” He has not showered in 4 days and is wearing wrinkled hospital pajamas. He speaks in a low soft voice and looks downward during the conversation with Victoria. He says that he feels as if “his life is over” since Tina his girlfriend left. He feels that because she left him, he must be unworthy of love and must be a worthless individual. “No one could ever love me,” he states. He says this is true also because although his parents spent a lot of money providing him with music lessons and musical instruments over the years, he is failing his music theory and practice class. “Nothing goes right, and it never will,” he says. “I only fail and will be a failure in life. I am doomed.” He is ashamed to tell his parents about the class. He feels that he has let them down and that he should be able to pass the class. He says that since he cannot pass the class, he should just give up music because he is so lousy. He feels sad that he woke up. “Everyone would be happier without me,” he states.

During the assessment he slumps in the chair and his speech is slow. Victoria, the nurse conducts a detailed and functional assessment to gather objective and subjective data. She develops the comprehensive nursing care plan with transitional care for James.


As a nurse providing care to this patient ,what patient education and information will you provide based on the concepts? Back up your statement with peer reviewed scholarly articles that are within past five years ( 2018 to 2023).