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Make a slide presentation addressing the use and benefits of telehealth,

Assignment Overview

Make a slide presentation addressing the use and benefits of telehealth, its role in communication, how telehealth can be used to enhance the care of selected patient populations, and the technology and staff support needed when implementing new telehealth solutions.


Step 1: Review the following scenario:

You will focus on telehealth. You are the nurse manager for the stroke unit at Gladwin Community Hospital. Your hospital has recently become Joint Commission certified for stroke care and is in full compliance with the Get with The Guidelines for stroke care ( to an external site. As a result of your excellent work in this area and the need for more advanced stroke care to the community, you have been given the task of setting up a telehealth program for stroke care.

This program will provide support and follow-up care for stroke patients who are not able to travel to the stroke clinic. The program will also provide nursing assistance to local emergency rooms for triage purposes. Additionally, emergency physicians will be able to consult with neurologists and transmit CT scans and video of neurologic examinations.

In order to receive funding for the program, it is beneficial for those in the top level leadership to endorse the project. As the nurse manager, you will make and present informational materials to those in leadership positions at Gladwin Community Hospital. You will explain the importance of telehealth and the benefits it will provide for the patients.

Step 2

Make a slide presentation to share with leadership to get their initial support. This should cover the following elements:


(Each one of the criteria listed below should be a heading of the slide)

  • The impact of health care informatics on patient outcomes
  • The role of the Internet in health care informatics
  • An overview of telehealth
  • Benefits of telehealth
  • How telehealth can be used for stroke patients
  • How the security of patient information can be enhanced
  • Potential technology needs and the staff training and support that will be needed.

(These will only consist of 7 slides, Per the teacher, I need to come up with 9 more slides topic to meet the 16 slides requirement)



Make sure that you properly cite any resources used. 

Step 3: Add presenter’s notes.

Include talking points and details in the notes area for each slide. These notes should document what you would say to an audience about each slide as if you were to present in-person.

As you prepare your presentation, you should follow these guidelines:

  • Use clear, concise, and complete sentences.
  • Use relevant examples to help explain concepts.
  • Use language intended for a listener as opposed to a reader.

Additional Instructions

– Follow the 6×6 rule for the slide bullet points.  (Max of up to 6 bullet points and up to 6 wrds per bullet point) (May have less than 6 bullet points)

– If using a quote, have it the only thing on the slide. Include in-text citation

-Use in-text citation’s on the presenter notes

– Need to put presenter notes on each slide explaining each bullet point (Should have at least a paragraph explaining each bullet point on the presenter notes.

– Required (2) research sources with at least 1 source from a periodical database. Research sources are relevant, accurate, recent (less than 5 years old) and reliable and add to the strength of the content.