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Nurse leaders play a major role in establishing a culture in which…

Nurse leaders play a major role in establishing a culture in which nursing practice is guided by evidence. To do this, leaders must establish expectations supported by departmental policy that encourage clinical nurses to actively incorporate evidence into daily decision making. This can produce challenges for the often overburdened nurse leader who must overcome the frequently sited barriers to EBP implementation: lack of time, inadequate knowledge and skills, lack of EBP mentors, and resistance to change.

This assignment is to assist the baccalaureate nursing students in understanding the importance of evidence-based practice (EBP) by identifying clinical nursing problems observed in practice, searching the literature for evidence related to the problem and presenting it in a systematic and organized method.


Choose one of the areas listed below and conduct systematic research to determine the EBP guidelines for this issue. Provide supporting research when discussing the importance of EBP in this area and its correlation to patient safety and positive patient outcomes.

EBP Topics:

  • Communication involving changes in a patient’s status.
  • Soft skills that improve patient interaction.
  • Training and onboarding new nurses.
  • Shift scheduling and the effect on care.
  • Infection control practices
  • Recognizing alarm fatigue
  • Nurse-to-nurse shift change.
  • Patient care and discharge.

Utilize the five “A’s” of EBP in your paper:

  • Ask: Formulate answerable clinical questions about a patient, problem, intervention, or outcome.
  • Acquire: Search for relevant evidence to answer questions.
  • Appraise: Determine whether or not the evidence is high-quality and valuable.
  • Apply: Make clinical decisions utilizing the best available evidence.
  • Assess: Evaluate the outcome of applying the evidence to the patient’s situation.

All papers should be written using full APA style—  in-text references and a final reference list. Papers are limited to a total of 5 pages (which include the title page, and full reference list). No less than 6 references are expected. All references must be from professional sources.