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How to Pass in an Online Exam with an A+

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Is it hard to pass with an A+ in an online exam?

Due to the high number of points awarded in each college exam, and the fact that most exams are timed, taking an online exam requires college students to study hard and be fully-focused if they are to pass with an A+. The most effective way to pass in an online exam is to do lots of practice tests.

College students can find questions to solve in past exams done in that particular online class or by tackling end-of-chapter questions in the assigned class text. They should also confer with an online tutor to help them solve questions they do not understand or provide answers for questions in technical subjects such as physics, engineering, nursing, and math.

Pay to Pass with an A+ in an Online Exam

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Which is the best way to do written essay questions and multiple-step calculations in an online exam? 

The best way to take an online exam requiring a student to do multiple-step calculations and/or write brief answers for essay questions is to allocate sufficient time to do each question wisely.

First, college students should determine how many points are awarded to each question and then determine how much time each submission should take. Students should allocate more time to written essay questions and/or calculations carrying more points and spend less time writing answers with few points. Second, make a note of the timer in your online class portal once the exam starts. Ensure that you do not spend too much time solving each question. The quicker you solve a question; the more time you will have to do other questions in your online test!

Determining how much time to spend doing each multiple-step calculation is very important in tests done in online college classes in science and technical subjects such as math, biology, chemistry, statistics, and engineering.

Spending too much time on any question means students will not have sufficient time to do harder questions, or questions requiring longer, written answers. Moreover, allocating time for each question wisely allows students to revise their answers before submitting the test in their online portals.

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Is paying someone to take my online exam for me cheating?

Yes, paying someone to take an online exam for you is cheating and colleges do not allow it.

If you are a college student about to take an online exam, you can pay our online tutors to do it for you. Nonetheless, rest assured that no college will ever find out our tutors did your exam for you! We have a 100% privacy guarantee that safeguards the details of students who pay our tutors to do their online exams for them. Cheating in your online exam is only bad if you get caught! At, we guarantee you will never get caught! If you are going to cheat, hire the best tutors to do it for you!