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Pay Someone to Write a Nursing Research Paper starting @ $12

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What is a nursing research paper?

A nursing research paper is a piece of writing that analyzes a topic or perspective in order to make a case in favor or against that topic, or provide additional information on the topic. In a nursing research paper, analysis is done through an analysis of credible, peer-reviewed literature relevant to the research paper topic (UCSanDiego, 2022).

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How to write a nursing research paper?

Wondering how to write a research paper for a nursing class? Writing a research paper involves 11 major steps: Developing a nursing paper research question; writing a thesis for your research paper; an introduction, writing an elaborate, highly-relevant, and comprehensive literature review; writing a methods section; writing a findings or results section; writing a discussion section; writing a conclusion for your nursing research paper; including a references page; including a table and figures section; and finally adding an appendix section. Below are these steps explained in details (SUNY Empire State College, 2022).

  1. Step 1: Developing a Research Question for your Nursing Paper

    In order to develop an excellent research question for your nursing paper, you first need to select a topic. Then, develop a research question that defines what you want to investigate or conduct research on.

    Example of a nursing research paper topic: Self-Care in Nursing

    Corresponding nursing research paper question: How effective have self-care techniques been in enhancing the well-being of nurses?

    Tips when Selecting a Research Paper Question

    1. Select a research topic that is related to your nursing specialty
    2. Your research question should be specific and narrow down to achievable objectives i.e in our example, the research question is specific a) the role of self-care and b) impacts on the well-being; and c) narrowed down to a demographic/population: nurses.
    3. Your research question should be worth of an academic pursuit. Does it add new insights? Is it publishable?
    4. Writing about a current trend or issue in nursing is advisable 
  2. Step 2: Writing a Thesis for your Nursing Research Paper

    A nursing research paper thesis is formulated as an answer to your research question. It is formulated as a single statement that is highly concise, direct, and contains clear information on what the research paper is about. Below is a thesis statement for our example above. Usually, it is the last statement in your introduction. Some nursing colleges instructors ask students to underline or highlight the thesis statement for easier evaluation.Nursing research paper thesis statement: An analysis of the effectiveness of self-care techniques in enhancing the well-being of nurses.

    Tips when Writing a Research Paper Thesis Statement

    1. The thesis statement should be clear and concise
    2. It should answer some questions such as why, how, where, what, and who.
    3. Your research thesis statement should not investigate too many variables. One or 2 variables are sufficient. i.e our example investigates the well-being of nurses. Our nursing essay writing experts can add the productivity of nurses. Do not go overboard as it will end up being too wide, with too much research; and too many conclusions. 
    4. Writing about a current trend or issue in nursing is highly advisable 
  3. Step 3: Writing an Introduction for a Nursing Research Paper

    When writing an intro for a nursing research paper, a nursing student will be answering what is the topic and why is this topic worth conducting research on. A good intro for a research paper starts in a broad manner and progressively gets to specifics. The last statement of the introduction’s first paragraph should be the thesis statement. An excellent introduction for a nursing research paper includes the following in the order below:

    1. First describe the general aim of your nursing research paper 
    2. Second, describe what in specific you wish to achieve (specific objectives for the research paper)
    3. Third, describe the rationale behind writing this research paper
    4. Finally, state the justification for this research paper (or motivation behind writing it)

    Tips when Writing a Nursing Research Paper Intro

    1. Start with a general overview of the topic and narrow down to your specific thesis as you progress
    2. Your last statement in the intro’s first paragraph should be your thesis statement
    3. You can state the rationale, objectives, problem statement, and justification in separate sub-headings
    4. Do not write an extremely long intro. Our nursing research paper writing experts advise that it should not be longer than 2 pages unless really necessary.
  4. Step 4: How to Write a Nursing Research Paper Literature Review Section

    An excellent literature review for a nursing research paper that will get you an A+ entails conducting and writing about peer-reviewed research published in the area of your topic. You will need highly relevant journals and other scholarly publications.

    Tips on writing a good literature review:

    • First, do in-depth research on secondary sources published in regards to your topic.
    • Second, use sources that are less than 5 years old unless older sources are required.
    • Third, properly reference and document all sources used. You will need to reference these sources once you finish writing your nursing research paper.
  5. Step 5: Writing a Methods Section

    The methods nursing research paper section states how you are going to conduct your research. For a qualitative nursing research  paper, your research is going to come from published sources. You will need to analyze information from these sources that is relevant to your research paper. On the other hand, for a quantitative research paper, you will be collecting actual data and analyzing it. It includes the following:

    • Why did you choose to collect data or samples from certain sources or locations? 
    • How did you collect and analyze the data?
    • Why did you choose this approach i.e. questionnaires, interviews, secondary sources?
    • Are there any possible biases to your data? or assumptions?
  6. Step 6: Writing a Findings/Results Section

    A findings or results section presents the findings from your data. It includes the following:

    • Summary of the data collected
    • Description of the data analysis technique 
    • Results of the data collected
    • Visual aids/representations such as tables, graphs, pie charts, or descriptive statistics
  7. Step 7: Writing a Nursing Research Paper Discussion Section

    The discussion section in a nursing research paper discusses the implications or significance of the findings made. It includes the following:

    • Comment on your findings and explain what this means 
    • Compare and contrast your findings to what other similar or related studies found
    • If there are any unexpected or new findings, make sure to state them and invite further research
    • What is the significance of your study’s findings?
    • What are the limitations to your study?
  8. Step 8: Writing a Conclusion for your Nursing Research Paper

    The conclusion in a nursing research paper offers highlights to your thesis paper or reiterate some major points made in your paper. This section is often combined with the discussion chapter. It includes the following:

    • Which objectives have been met by this study? 
    • Summarize your findings and state the significance of the study
    • State the limitations to your study
    • Invite peers to conduct further research
  9. Step 9: Add References to your Nursing Research Paper

    You have now finished writing your research paper for your nursing class. In order to score maximum points and get an excellent grade – A+ – you need to cite all sources used in the research paper. Citing your sources also helps to avoid plagiarism. 

    Tips when Referencing your Nursing Research Paper

    1. References should be in a separate page
    2. References should be formatted as per the guidelines provided in your nursing coursework’s syllabus or rubric i.e. APA, MLA, Harvard etc.
    3. Ensure that each in-text citation has a corresponding reference entry in the bibliography page
  10. Step 10: Where to Post Tables & Figures in a Research Paper

    Just below the references page and on a new page, post tables and any figures used or required for this research paper. Tip: Have a heading for each figure or table such as Fig 1.0; Fig 1.1 or Table 1.0 or Table 1.1. as named in the body of your research paper. 

  11. Step 11: Where to Include an Appendix Section

    Below the tables and figures section; and on a new page, include the appendix section. An appendix section in a nursing research paper lists information that is not critical to understanding the paper such as a list of data items collected, questionnaire responses, or interview transcripts used in data collection under a quantitative methodology.

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