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Why do you need a plagiarism free writing expert?

Students need a plagiarism free writing expert because of various reasons. Below is a list of some reasons why you need our experts.

  • First, a student may not understand information taught in class and requires the help of an expert to write a great essay that meets the course’s objectives and scores an excellent grade. 
  • Second, plagiarism is a serious offence which may get you kicked out of school or at the very least, you will get a zero. Our plagiarism free writing experts will deliver a paper that meets these requirements.
  • Third, our experts save you time; leaving you ample time to pursue extra-curricular activities, go out on a date, work while you study, make friends in college, or just take a breather from a hectic college schedule.
  • Fourth, students may be experiencing challenges citing their papers with proper and acceptable references. This is something that our essay writing experts excel at; and our help would be highly beneficial to the students. Our experts know how to cite your assignment accordingly using both in-text citations and a corresponding entry in the bibliography/reference page. Third-party sources can give your work more credibility, whether you’re presenting significant results from a report or conducting an interview with a subject-matter expert. But there’s a distinction between using other people’s ideas or words without attribution and passing them off as your own.
  • Finally, students need our plagiarism free writing services in order to improve their grades or boost their overall GPA. When you ask us to help you write a paper, we guarantee that our plagiarism free essay service will deliver a high-quality paper that will help you score excellent grades – an A+ or a B at the very least. Good grades in your learning modules will translate to an excellent grade for the entire class.

Of course, during the course of their studies, students must write multiple plagiarism free papers. This is usually a daunting task and they may find it necessary to enlist the help of our plagiarism free paper writing experts.

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Why do colleges demand students submit plagiarism free papers always? 

Desperate for a plagiarism free paper and need instant help with your assignment? It goes without saying that all college papers must be plagiarism free. Otherwise, college students who submit plagiarized papers receive a zero and are likely to be kicked out of school. This is a very serious offence. It goes without saying that Instant Grades does not accept plagiarism in our delivered final papers.

How to Write a Plagiarism Free Paper

Below, college students can review our video on how to write a plagiarism free paper. For further help on writing plagiarism free papers, contact our paper writing experts on live chat, Whatsapp, or via email.

When will my paper be ready?

Once you place a request for help with a plagiarism free paper, our essay writing experts embark on the process of collecting information, writing it, proofreading it, and uploading the completed paper. Your plagiarism free paper will be prepared and uploaded within your stipulated deadline. It can be done within 1 hour such as online quizzes and exams, 3 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours, a day, 3 days and so on depending on the deadline you select when ordering for an essay.

How to Order for a Plagiarism Free Paper

It is not an easy task to write essays from scratch. As a result, students enlist help from our essay writing experts. Below is how to request for help from our experts in 3 simple steps. It includes all the steps as to how to place an order up to how you will receive your completed nursing paper.

  1. Place Your Order

    To access our online order form, click the “Order Now” button below. Submit your assignment’s details as accurately as possible. Further, enter additional specifications (word count, deadline, topic, referencing style, etc.) and upload file(s) such as the rubric that guide our essay writing experts towards writing the best assignment.

  2. Complete the Payment

    Click on checkout link at the bottom of the order page to pay us to complete your plagiarism free assignment. Our secure payment gateway accepts credit cards, debit cards, and internet banking. We offer a completely secure payment processing gateway. Once you pay us to do your paper, sit back and relax. Processing and completing your assignment on time will be done automatically by our essay writing team.

  3. Download Your Paper

    Once we receive payment, one of our highly qualified essay writing experts will work on your assignment and complete it within your selected deadline. Once completed, our editing team will verify the quality and relevancy of the content done. They will also ensure that it is plagiarism free. Then, our Instant Grades team will upload it in your student portal with us and send a copy to your registered email address, along with a free “Plagiarism Report” to prove the essay’s originality.

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is presenting someone’s else’s work as your own original work. It is taken as a serious offence by all academic institutions. Our plagiarism free paper writing experts rightfully treats this vice with the respect it deserves. In fact, we guarantee that all your college papers will always be 100% plagiarism free.

How do college students avoid plagiarism?

    1. Using Proper Referencing Style:

      First, college students avoid having their papers flagged as plagiarized by using the requisite referencing style. These styles include APA, MLA, Chicago, Vancouver, Turabian, IEEE, and so many more. These strict guidelines help college students to cite sources used through in-text citations as well as an-end-of-page works cited page/bibliography. Sources used in preparing a college paper must be properly credited.

    2. Paraphrasing

      Second, students can paraphrase another author’s paper in order to drive a point home. This is usually the case for a college paper requiring a statistics quote or a college nursing paper that needs a direct quote/paraphrase.

    3. Writing in your own words

      Third, college students must process insights gained and write college papers using their own words and points of view. By writing information from one’s view point, students write 100% original papers.

    4. Using direct quotations

      Finally, college students can quote directly from a source. Quoted information should be in quotation marks. Further, a proper in-text citation and a corresponding reference entry should be added.

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How does your plagiarism free paper writing service ensure that college papers have zero plagiarism?

As mentioned earlier, plagiarism is a serious offence and we treat it as rightfully so. Therefore, college students need our plagiarism removal services provided by our online professional college paper writing experts. Our plagiarism free essay writing experts use turnitin and safeassign to ensure that we check for plagiarism and edit sections that may be deemed as plagiarized. Using a plagiarism checker to check and edit an essay ensures that your college paper is plagiarism free. We guarantee that your college paper will always be delivered without plagiarism and properly cited.

Will I get a refund if my paper is plagiarized?

We guarantee that we deliver plagiarism free papers. In the extremely rare event that our college papers are plagiarized, we shall refund all money charged and pay you twice as much. Yes, we are that confident that our papers are never plagiarized!

Which criteria will your plagiarism free paper meet?

Our highly qualified plagiarism-free writing experts adhere to some basic requirements. Wondering which criteria your online college papers, be they essays, discussion posts, responses, assignments, term papers, research papers, thesis papers, dissertations, or any other coursework will will meet? Below is a list of which basic requirements your college paper will have:

  1. Plagiarism Free: We have credible, qualified, and highly professional writers that ensure your paper is plagiarism-free. Our quality assurance team also checks and verifies that every paper is plagiarism-free
  2. Deadlines: Our paper writing experts will get your assignment done before the deadline elapses. We value your time and we do not joke about deadlines. We understand that a late paper means that you will be penalized or lose all the points altogether. We honor your deadline; simple and direct!
  3. Referencing Styles: Our plagiarism-free papers writing experts are well versed with various referencing styles such as APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, and Turabian. We do not charge for in-text citations or references. We are also good in inserting end notes and footnotes where appropriate. Moreover, Instant Grades handles annotated bibliographies and literature reviews; and understands that sources need to be credible i.e journals and books. Of course, we do not use sources such as Wikipedia! Sources used are also less than 5 years old unless otherwise required.
  4. Plagiarism Report: We provide a plagiarism report from Turnitin, Grammarly, or Safeassign on demand. We want you to feel confident when turning in your paper. We are all about privacy, confidence, and trust.

Why should a student cite sources?  

It goes without saying that students must present plagiarism free papers. If you are having problems citing your paper, contact our plagiarism free papers writing experts for help.

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Citing your sources is crucial when writing academic papers. Getting a good grade in a college paper is highly dependent on how you cite your sources. Every time you use text from a source (such a book, article, or website) in a sentence or paragraph, you need to give due acknowledgment to the original author with a citation. Since you are presenting someone else’s ideas as if they were your own, failing to properly cite your sources is considered plagiarism. You may cite sources in MLA, APA, and other formatting styles using MS Word’s built-in Citation Generator. There are also a ton of citation generators available online that just need the URL, DOI, or title to produce an accurate, fully styled reference.

In summary just to highlight as this is of the ultimate importance, all academic text genres must have citations. They are required for a number of factors:

  • You avoid plagiarism by citing sources when you use information from them.
  • In order to properly acknowledge the source’s author.
  • To enable the reader to check out your sources on their own.
  • To get good grades for a high quality paper that would otherwise be graded poorly for poor citations

Where do you need citations?

Every time you incorporate a source into your writing, a citation is required. Typically, this entails quoting or paraphrasing:

  • Copy a brief section of text word for word and enclose it in quotation marks to use it as your source.
  • Put the text from the source into your own words to paraphrase it. It’s crucial that the paraphrase does not sound too much like the source sentence.

Whether you quote directly from a source or paraphrase it, you must cite it. Don’t forget to cite any other sources you utilize for ideas, examples, or proof in addition to scholarly sources like books and journal articles. Websites, YouTube videos, and lectures are all included.

What citation format should you use?

You will typically need to adhere to a certain citation style specified by your institution, so check your course syllabus, rubric or confer with your instructor.

You might need to pick your own citation style in some circumstances. Be careful to choose one style and stick with it:

  • APA Style is extensively utilized in the social sciences and other disciplines.
  • MLA format is widely used in the humanities.
  • Chicago style is divided into two systems:
    • Common in the humanities are Chicago notes and bibliography.
    • The (social) sciences employ the Chicago author-date format.
  • There are numerous more citation styles for other disciplines.

If you’re not sure, ask your professor or read some papers in your area of study to see what formatting standards they use.

In most styles, your citations will include:

  • In-text citations which should be brief and used at strategic points throughout the article.
  • A reference list or bibliography with detailed information on all sources cited.

In-text Citations

In-text citations are most typically made in the form of parenthetical citations that include the author’s last name and the year of publication.

The system employed in numerical citation styles, in which a number is put into the text, matching to an entry in a numbered reference list, is an alternative to this type of in-text citation.

There are additional note citation styles, in which your citations are placed in either footnotes or endnotes. Because they aren’t integrated in the text, these citations might contain additional information and aren’t always supported by a comprehensive reference list or bibliography.

Bibliographies and Reference Lists

A reference list (sometimes known as a “bibliography” or “Works Cited” depending on the format) is where you provide detailed information about every source you cited in the text. It normally appears at the end of your paper, with a dangling indent for each entry.

Whatever citation style you use, the information in reference items is broadly comparable. Typically, you’ll include the following for each source:

  • Author name
  • Title
  • Publication date
  • Container (e.g., the book an essay was published in, the journal an article appeared in)
  • Publisher
  • Location (e.g., a URL or DOI, or sometimes a physical location)

Depending on the kind of source used and the citation style, different information is supplied. Additionally, there are variations in the arrangement and formatting of the information (e.g., capitalization and use of italics).

Your reference list’s entries are ordinarily alphabetized by author name. This makes it simple for the reader to locate the appropriate entry using the author’s name from your in-text reference.

The entries in your reference list are numbered in numerical citation styles, typically based on the order in which you cite them. Based on the number that appears in the text, the reader locates the correct entry.

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Getting Good Grades Depends on How you Cite your Sources

If you want to ace your papers and get good grades, you must cite your sources. Our plagiarism-free papers writing experts know how important this is. Plagiarism is fundamentally an ethical issue. A student who submits copied material is committing larceny with the intention of profiting from it. This is true whether you’re submitting a school paper for an “A” or working as a papers writing expert for a living.

Avoiding plagiarism as a student is critical since it jeopardizes your honesty. In addition to losing the respect of your mentors and peers, you may lose crucial professional references and future career progress. Plagiarism may result in the loss of financial aid or leadership responsibilities if you are still in school.

Furthermore, it takes credit or profit away from the actual creator of the material, which may lead to greater problems if the author sues you.

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Effective Tips for Avoiding Plagiarism in Your Writing

Avoiding plagiarism is actually quite simple given that you have a basic understanding of what it is. Here’s how to avoid plagiarism in your writing to help you avoid breaking this rule.

Tip 1: Do not put off your research and homework

Time is required for thorough research. Procrastination increases the likelihood that you may run out of time or be under undue pressure to finish. This type of pressure frequently leads to sloppy research practices and poor decisions. Plan your research ahead of time, and request assistance from your professor, librarians, and other campus support workers as needed.

Tip 2: Make a commitment to doing your own work

Talk to your lecturer if you don’t comprehend an assignment. Don’t take the “easy way out” by requesting copies of prior assignments from your roommate or friends. Group work is a different part of this. Some classes on campus have a lot of group projects, but not all of them. Make sure you understand when your professor says it’s allowed to collaborate on assignments and submit group work on assignments, and when assignments and papers must represent your individual work.

Tip 3: Cite your sources

When referring to someone else’s concept or words, include a reference in your writing that includes the complete name of the source, the date it was published, and any other citation elements required by the style guide you’re using.

Tip 4: Use quotations

One of the simplest yet most obvious strategies to prevent plagiarism when utilizing someone else’s words verbatim in your writing is to use quotation marks to indicate that the words aren’t your own. In order for readers to know who the quote is from; a direct quote should also include the source.

Tip 5: Recognize effective paraphrasing

Plagiarism is the act of borrowing another person’s words or ideas without giving them due credit. This includes employing synonyms and word-scrambling techniques. Genuinely understanding the original material, summarizing a point or concept in your own words, and putting any unique words or phrases you utilize from the original source into quotes are all requirements for effective paraphrasing. Citing the original source is another requirement for effective paraphrasing. Anything less than that is very close to plagiarism.

Tip 6: Present your own unique concept

Consider what you have to say about it rather than simply repeating what the source has to say. Consider what original viewpoint or point you may make in your writing that is wholly your own. Remember that you must follow the aforementioned rules to prevent plagiarism even if you are only implying the concepts or language of a source to support your own argument.

It can be tempting to reuse some of your earlier words while writing on the same subject for several different tasks; this is known as “self-plagiarism.” If the publication or your instructor didn’t give you permission to reprint your old work, the risk of self-plagiarism is just as high.

Tip 7: Make use of a plagiarism checker

While researching a topic, some phrases or sentences may remain with you so strongly that you unwittingly integrate them into your work without citing them. When in doubt, an online plagiarism-checking tool can assist you in detecting these difficulties before submitting your paper.

These programs search your text for copied content. These programs will tell you whether or not sections of your writing are plagiarized, and some will even underline the problematic words or sentences and explain where the text came.

These recommendations will help you avoid plagiarism in your work and are well worth the effort. Learning how to avoid plagiarism ultimately requires continuous practice, in addition to becoming more conscious of what constitutes plagiarism.

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We are aware that one of your main objectives is the originality of the papers you order. As a result, we demand that each plagiarism free assignment help service expert create papers from scratch and maintain a high level of originality in each purchase. In order to live up to your expectations when you pay for a paper, our QA team later checks the order once it is finished for plagiarism.

In addition to this, we also give you the option of getting a complete originality report together with your order. You can use this option, which is free, to make sure that the write my essays you get are entirely original. So, feel free to ask us for a matching report if you are worried about plagiarism.

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