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Please reply to this classmate post The Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Please reply to this classmate post

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a policy that has been built in place to help defend healthcare rights of Americans. A US District judge, Reed O’Cooner stated insurers do not have to cover some of the Affordable Care Act mandates. Thankfully, The Justice Department appealed this ruling. The ACA  makes healthcare obtainable for those who are uninsured and are found living with low income. Many communities including mine show some  percentage range of living in poverty, uninsured, and low income. Being under that category doesn’t make anyone any less important than those who aren’t. The Affordable Care Act also provides life saving preventative exams at no cost such as STD, heart, and cancer screenings, of which the Judge was trying to remove.


Collaboration is key to successful community health nursing. “The ability to build alliances has long been considered a cornerstone of business success” as exemplified by Peek & Campbell (2021, p. 424). Working with community development agencies or local community clinics, community health nurses can collect pertinent information to keep screening programs like the ones offered by the ACA alive. Chamberlain University College of Nursing (2023), shared in this week’s lesson that primary prevention and health promotion is what we should stay focused on. Providing helpful numerical data to prove the effectiveness of the ACA can help protect its continuance.


Ethical reasoning has been a crucial subject since my first nursing class and rightfully so. There are so many barriers that some patients are facing in today’s world and basic healthcare should not be one of them. Patients avoiding life saving screening exams because of funds will only worsen and cost more in near future when disease progresses. By providing this assurance we are helping one person, which in turn helps the whole community.