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Read the scenario given below. Select a setting between the community services,

Read the scenario given below. Select a setting between the community services, specify the type of service, or at a school.

Expand on the scenario and create information as if you were working in a diverse workplace. If you are working or have been on work placement in a suitably diverse workplace, you can use information about that workplace.

If you use information about real workplace, always use a different name so the organisation cannot be identified. This is extremely important, and it is called deidentifying the data.

Please use each of the following numbered points as subheadings within your project and put your responses under each of these subheadings. Submit to your assessor.

Please make sure that you keep a copy of your assessment submissions.





You have been working in a community service organisation, where you have colleagues, families, and external support workers from a range of cultures with varying language barriers and abilities. This diversity can create differences in political, social, economic, and cultural values.

However, your workplace follows practices that support inclusive practices.

make a essay project addressing the following points:

  1. Identify two (2) cultures that are different from yours, two (2) languages other than standard Australian English, and two (2) disabilities that may be represented in this workplace. You can do some research if required.
  2. For each of the above, briefly explain how the differences in cultures, languages, and disabilities can be valued in the workplace.
  3. Reflect on vour culture and give three (3) points on how your own culture can influence your ability to work inclusively.
  4. Discuss two (2) areas where you can improve your awareness of people from diverse backgrounds in this workplace.
  5. What are two (2) work practices that can be planned and implemented to show more value and respect within the workplace?
  6. With an example, discuss how you can personally assist in implementing these plans to strengthen diversity appreciation.
  7. Explain how the implementation of these plans for increased inclusion make the workplace environment safe for all.
  8. Discuss how misunderstandings relating to cultural diversity may disrupt the workplace.
  9. Explain the way you could help resolve these misunderstandings, including who could you ask for help in this process.
  10. Provide a list of resources and support from informed contacts or professionals to support diversity in this workplace.
  11. Discuss one strategy to support Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with safety, health or educational issues.
  12. Identify two (2) verbal strategies and two (2) nonverbal strategies that you can use to communicate with colleagues, and clients from diverse backgrounds.