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Research topic: Exploring treatment methods for dementia patients.

Research topic: Exploring treatment methods for dementia patients and What are some of the limitations dementia patients and caregivers with experiences?


plan a qualitative study to address the above topic and the followings:

1.  Background: discuss the background for this qualitative study and provided justification for why the research is needed (supported by high quality contemporary literature)

2.   Research Question: state a qualitative research question on the selected topic that clearly identifies the study population and phenomenon of interest.

3.   Methods:

a. Describe an appropriate methodology to address the research question for this qualitative study.

b.  Describe the study population, eligibility criteria, study sample, sampling method and recruitment methods for this qualitative study.

c. Describe what methods you will use to collect and analyse the data for this qualitative study

4.  Study limitations and rigour: discuss the rigour/trustworthiness and limitations for this qualitative study (supported by high quality contemporary literature).

5. Ethical Considerations : Discuss the ethical implications for this qualitative study including vulnerable populations (such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples) where applicable. This is to be supported by high quality contemporary literature and relevant state or national research polices.