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Respond to your fellow classmates with at least a 100 -word reply…

Respond to your fellow classmates with at least a 100 -word reply about their Primary Task Response regarding items you found to be compelling and enlightening. To help you with your discussion, please consider the following questions:

  • What did you learn from your classmate’s posting?
  • What additional questions do you have after reading the posting?
  • What differences or similarities do you see between your posting and other classmates’ postings?

**Responding to the statement below**


I am very excited to write my last discussion board and begin the graduation process. I feel like all of the  courses have prepared me for this class, but I will say getting my first accounting job last year has truly added to the knowledge and helped a lot during some of these projects. The first project that we did in this class was really fun and I felt very confident about it when doing it. I do remember earlier during the courses, I felt overwhelmed with debits and credits and journals, and now I feel confident when understanding how to journal and read statements. I felt like I struggled the most with the calculations of depreciation and taxes. Although I feel more confident than I have before, I still did find myself struggling with that this course.

I honestly felt like this capstone class gave me the most knowledge and insight to accounting. I just felt like it was more realistic and hands on as opposed to writing papers for every assignment. I wish all of the accounting classes had a similar direction as this class, with the learning style. I also really appreciated Doc Roc and her support through all weeks. I really did feel like the help and support was available and that really eased my mind especially knowing that this is one of the most important classes.

After completing the accounting program, I am going to fix my resume and find a next level accounting job. I already had planned on moving so it is a perfect time to begin something new and develop myself to continue growing in this field. I feel like I learned a lot in this class and the others, and I do feel like when combining my work experience and all the information I learned, I feel prepared and positive that I want to stay in this field throughout my career. Currently, I am not planning on sitting for a professional licensure. I have spent three full years studying this degree while working fulltime and I do feel like I lost a lot of time with my little boy. He starts school next year and I think it is a perfect time to focus on work and most importantly my son. I may find myself down the road wanting to look into a licensure, but as of now, I am very content with my life and goals I have planned. I really do appreciate all of my professors,  the schools flexibility and most importantly the opportunity to have an education. I wish everyone good luck with their future endeavors and I think we should all be very