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Task 1 – SCENARIO In this task you are required to describe an…


In this task you are required to describe an appropriate course of activities/actions that you have undertaken to manage the below mentioned workplace situations in accordance with the organisational legal and ethical requirements:

1. Conducting a performance review of an employee who is continuously under- performing. Now you have to intervene and discuss the disciplinary process with an employee


2. You have identified that one of your practice’s reception staff has accepted a gift from the patient. You have realised that this may turn out to be as potential conflict of interest situation and need to be notified.


3. You have accidently dropped a heavy piece of machinery on your feet while moving your desk and now need to report this injury for further process.


4. One of the admin clerks in your medical practice has come for an evening shift and looks bit intoxicated. You went pass him, exchanged greetings and can smell alcohol.




Staff need to have awareness of their own goal and must evaluate own area of work to determine scope of compliance requirements and possible strategies to deal with different ethical issues.
Below are the three different ethical situations provided, which you are required to analyse and develop a strategic response to manage the situation where legal or ethical requirements have been breached.


1. You overhear a receptionist releasing an address and contact details of patient X to patient B, who claims to be an old friend of patient X but has lost the new contact number of Patient X.


2. You saw a staff member getting agitated and verbally abusing a young client from diverse culture.


3. Two staff members are gossiping about the behaviour of a client. They are laughing about their behaviour and medical problems. One of the staff members involved has no responsibility of the treatment of the client.

Task 3- Short question answers


1. What is a value system and explain how a worker’s personal values and attitudes can impact on their work.


2. Why is it important to share feedback with your staff members relating to the work practices that could be improved to meet legal and ethical responsibilities?


3. Give an example of at least three workplace improvements that has been designed and implemented in your/any other organisation in order to enhance the workplace responsiveness to legal and ethical requirements.


4. List down the sources from where you can gather information about the legal and ethical requirements that apply to your work role?

5. How would you identify and meet the scope and nature of own ethical responsibilities in a particular work place?