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Writing Tips on Tasks and Core Values of Nursing Essays

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What do nurses do?

There are various nursing responsibilities that students should be conscious of before deciding to pursue their degrees in the healthcare sector. Students are assigned to submit nursing assignments that are connected to the nursing works that they are studying. We have listed some of the tasks performed by nurses in this section, which will assist you in determining the tasks performed by nurses. The following are examples of these works:

      • Keeping track of all of the patients’ medical histories or records, and treating them with focus towards their previous medical conditions
      • Collaborating with other members of the medical science community, such as other nurses, physicians, and others, to explore the answer to the current patients’ problems
      • Patients’ health is monitored and recorded, and any changes or indicators of the patient’s illness are noted and noted down.
      • Providing valuable health suggestions and assisting the patient in maintaining their health and well-being.
      • Patient care includes delivering recommended medications to them and monitoring their progress.
      • Providing assistance to a variety of doctors, particularly in the operating room.
      • Carrying out the diagnostic tests as well as any other relevant testing.
      • Using a variety of medical equipment, such as an ECG, to check on the patients.
      • Making suggestions to patients that will help them improve their health and manage their sickness more successfully.

These are some of the nursing tasks that nursing students are required to perform as part of their clinical experience. Following the completion of these practical classes, nursing students are allocated to a variety of nursing assignments. This may be a source of concern for students, but they do not have to be concerned because we are here to provide them with immediate nursing assignment help.

What are the 5 core values (5Cs) that a nurse should have?

Every nurse adheres to the 5 Cs (core values) of altruism, autonomy, human dignity, integrity, honesty and social justice (Poorchangizi et al., 2019). Values in nursing are regarded as standards for acceptable conduct in any given action or situation which nurses are expected to adhere to. Moreover, when reviewing behavior and actions, professionals expect nurses to take the framework set under core values into consideration. Below is in-depth explanation of what each value implies:

  • Altruism

    This value asks nurses to put other people’s or patients’ welfare  ahead of their interests. Altruism calls for selflessness. This value asks the nurse to show empathy, understanding, unending love, and kindness while remaining calm, mentally sharp and aware, and without risking his or her life while helping others. While altruism asks the nurse to be selfless, it defines some limits and boundaries. In some situations, nurses face scenarios that endanger their lives. In other instances, nurses must take caution to avoid burnout and stress while taking care of the welfare of others.

  • Autonomy

    The core value of autonomy guides the relationship between a patient and a nurse in that nurses should disclose all information and options to the patient and let him or her decide independently on the next course of action or consent on which procedure he or she sees fit. While the nurse has the responsibility to disclose all information and advise a patient, patients must be trusted to make a well-informed decision at their own discretion. This value is only negated if a patient is mentally ill or incapable or has delegated the power of attorney.

  • Human Dignity

    This core value stipulates that nurses must demand that their patients be treated in a humane and dignified manner at all times. All people are equal despite any external factors such as race, war, age, gender, or income. As such, all persons are deserving of equal care/treatment and should be treated with dignity and respect.

  • Integrity

    This value asks the nurse to be honest, open, fair, and follow ethical procedures when dealing with a patient. This effectively encourages a professional nurse-patient relationship to flourish. Nurses must also be accountable to other players in healthcare provision such as colleagues, professional bodies, and patients’ next of kin.

  • Social Justice

    Social justice is all about upholding a patient’s freedom of choice as far as it does not compromise the nurse’s dignity or personal freedoms. A nurse must safeguard, encourage, and promote a patient’s interests and pursue outcomes that best meet these interests. 

Why do nurses need to adhere to the 5 core values?

Nurses must adhere to their profession’s core values at all times and in any situation. Nursing as a profession is guided by core values that dictate a sacred code of ethics. This is further reinforced by the Hippocratic oath. By faithfully, sincerely, and religiously following a code of ethics and a set of core values, the nursing profession becomes a dignified, highly-coveted, esteemed, and ideal career to pursue. 

What are the 6 Cs of Nursing as defined by the NHS?

The Compassion in Care strategy dictates that nurses must uphold 6 core values: care, compassion, competence, communication, courage, and commitment. This strategy is advocated for by the National Health Service in the UK. The NHS stipulates that these set of ethics is not exhaustive and more values can be added to enhance one’s profession.

Who should adhere to the 6Cs of Nursing?

The 6Cs are a set of core values that are quite self-explanatory but of absolute importance. Not only nursing professionals need to adhere to these set of core values but also all persons working as care providers such as doctors, medical support staff, pharmacists, and social workers. 

Examples of instances where the 6Cs are needed

Of course, all settings where care is administered needs a nurse or health care practitioner to apply these set of core values. Some examples as listed by Huziej (2022) include:

  • Care homes
  • Hospices
  • Clinics.
  • Community services
  • Dental surgeries
  • Doctors/GPs surgeries
  • Hospitals
  • Mental health services
  • Services in the home
  • Ambulances
  • Homecare agencies
  • Hospices
  • Phone/online advice
  • Prison healthcare

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