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Top Online Writers – 5 Star Rating!

Top Online Writers at Instant Grades 

9.8/10 Completed Assignments has a 5 star rating system that determines the top online writers to do assignments and take online classes for college students. We have a current average rating of 9.8/10; or a 98% average score for the last 164 assignments completed. This translates to an average 5 star rating for our writers.

Our rating system grades writers as follows:

  1. 5 Star Writers

    Writers with a 5 star rating are the best and pass with an A+. As per reviews by students, these writers have passed in an assignment or online class with a score of 90% and above; and have a 100% assignment completion rate.

  2. 4 Star Writers

    Online writers who have done assignments that scored 85-90%; and have 100% assignment completion rates get 4 stars.

  3. 3 Star Writers

    Online writers with scores of 80-85% in college essays; and have a 100% completion rate get 3 stars.

Top 20 Writers to Do A+ Assignments – 5 Star Rating!

Below are our 5 star rated top 20 online writers  in various specialties:

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