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Urgent College Assignment Help – Starting @$12

high quality assignment help

Got an urgent college assignment due in as little as 3 hrs?

Looking for someone to do your college essay due in 3 hours or less? Instant Grades has over 200+ assignment experts who are highly-qualified with degrees such as Bachelors, Masters’, and Ph.Ds. in various specialties who will do your college assignment for you at a cheap price. When you pay our college-level writers to deliver an assignment in 3 hours, you are guaranteed that you will receive your assignment in time or earlier!
Instant Grades is the best solution to do your urgent assignment because we are fully dedicated to completing all your assignments in time and score excellent grades for you -A+ or B minimum and no one will ever know we did them for you!
Click on order now below to place your request or contact us on Whatsapp for a free quote – starting @$12!
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9.8/10 Student Rating

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98% of students get As or Bs!

Experienced Urgent Assignment Writing Experts

over 10 years assignment help services

10+ years helping students!

On-Time Delivery 

on-time-delivery assignment help services

Never miss a deadline!

Which assignments does Instant Grades do urgently?

Instant Grades considers an assignment as urgent if it is due in 24 hours or less. Typical deadlines we consider as fast and must be done first are 3 hour deadlines, 6 hour deadlines, 8 hr deadlines, 12 hr deadlines, and 24 hr deadlines. Extra care and caution is accorded to these papers as we have to ensure that our students pass with an A without leaving room for an amendment/revision. We therefore have to assign an extra expert writer to each request to help in proofreading, editing, and content verification.

Instant Grades’ team of expert assignment writers can write a college paper for you in almost any specialty as far as it does not exceed 12 pages or 3500 words for a 24 hr deadline; 10 pages or 3000 words for a 12 hour deadline;  6 pages or 1500 words for a 6 hour deadline; and 4 pages or 1000 words for a 3 hour deadline.

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3 Hours Only? Really Urgent Assignment Help

Urgent college assignments that our essay writing service does in 3 hours or less include:

  •     Initial Discussion Posts i.e on Canvas.
  •     Responses to other students’ initial discussion posts.
  •     Online quizzes -timed or non-timed.
  •     Selecting a topic for a college research or thesis paper.
  •     Writing a thesis for a college thesis paper.
  •     Short essays typically less than 4 pages or 1100 words.
  •     Short film essays about 4 pages long or less.
  •     College essay outlines.
  •     Response papers less than 1000 words long.
  •     Level 6 Writing assignments less than 1000 words long.
  •     Article critiques less than 1000 words long.
  •     Powerpoint presentations.
  •     Editing and proofreading for grammatical and syntax errors.
  •     Editing and proofreading for content verification.
  •     Checking and editing out plagiarism.
  •     Referencing and formatting college papers – in-text citations, reference pages, footnotes, and endnotes.
  •     Adding a table of contents to your paper.
  •     Adding graphs and statistical references to your analytical essay or evidence-based paper.
  •     Adding appendixes, tables, figures, and images to your paper; and many more!

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