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Your patient has a colostomy, and a laxative has been prescribed.

  1. Your patient has a colostomy, and a laxative has been prescribed. Discuss the procedure for administering a laxative in this situation.

2. Your patient prefers to self-administer her vaginal suppository. Outline the steps you would explain for safe and appropriate administration of a vaginal medication.


3. Your patient is due to receive a dose of medication instilled into both ears. You find the ear medication stored in the refrigerator. How should you proceed?


4. Your patient is due to receive medication instilled into her right eye, but you notice that her left eye has crusting and discharge. Discuss how you would proceed in this situation.


5. Your patient is to receive nasal drops for a sinus infection. Describe how you would position this patient to receive the nasal drops.


6. Your patient is receiving supplemental oxygen through nasal prongs and needs to receive medication via a nebulizer. Please describe whether or not you would remove the nasal prongs and your reasoning for making this decision.


7. Your patient complains that she can’t seem to breathe in at the same time as she depresses her inhaler. What action should you take in this situation to ensure that your patient receives the appropriate dose of her medication by inhaler?


8. Your patient’s MAR states that their Nitro-Patch should be removed at night. Please explain why this is considered safe practice.


9. Discuss the steps you would take to administer a lotion for a patient with a rash that has several open lesions.


10. Discuss why it is necessary to ensure that your patient’s skin is clean and dry prior to applying a prescribed topical powder.


In Reflection/Parameters to Evaluate Learning: 

Upon completion of the activity, provide your instructor with answers to the following:

  • How does the BCCNM Practice Standard: Medication guide your practice?
  • What did you learn about medication administration and what would you like to learn more about?
  • How will you ensure safe medication administration in your practice?