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The Best Website Online To Do Assignments for College Students is the best website online to do assignments and take online classes for college students. 

When students find their assignments to be too hard to complete, they search online for the best website for assignment writing services. They are usually very discouraged with progress attained in completing their online class coursework; and the not-so-good grades they are attaining! Instant Grades is the best assignment writing service for college students struggling to complete their assignments and pass in an online class!

Why is Instant Grades the best website to do assignments?

Our declaration that we are the best website online to do assignments for college students for pay is based on 3 yardsticks: 67+ most recent reviews, 9.8/10 rating from the last 164 orders, and 10+ years of service!

  1. 67+ Most Recent Reviews

    assignment help request ratingsCheck out over 67+ most recent reviews by college students for completed orders. These reviews are for assignments done in the fall semester of 2022. As attested by these reviews, Instant Grades offers legit assignment writing services that tutor students to pass with an A+.

  2. 9.8/10 Rating from 164 Recent Orders

    9.8/10 Completed Assignments RatingRatings posted by college students from the last 164 orders we have done attest that our highly-qualified assignment writers have a 9.8/10 rating. This means that 98% of the last 164 completed assignments were satisfactory; and our online writers helped these students pass with an A+.

  3. 10+ Years; 7500+ Assignments Completed!

    Over 10 Years Online Assignment Help ServiceOur online college assignment writers have been helping students for the last 10+ years. Since 2012, Instant Grades has completed over 7500+ assignments for college students. If you are a college student looking for the best website online to do assignments for you, rest assured that is your legit solution! We look forward to help more students do their assignments in 2023 and beyond!

The Best Online Writers to Do Assignments for Students

Searching for “Pay the best writers to do my assignment for me”? has the best online writers to do your college assignment for pay or take an online class for you! Their mission is to help students complete their assignments within the set deadlines and pass with an A+!

Instant Grades has a 9.8/10 rating and 10+ years of service under our belt because we hire the best online writers. Below are 4 reasons why our assignment writers have such a high rating: 

  1. Writers Deliver Custom Essays Within the Deadline

     Our writers will prepare a custom, non-plagiarized assignment and deliver it before the set deadline for submission elapses.

  2. Writers Tutor Students to Pass with an A+ in an Online Class

    Our assignment writers help students to understand difficult fundamental concepts in online college classes and tutor them to pass with an A+ or B.

  3. High-Quality Assignments with Thorough Research

    Assignments completed by our online writers are of high-quality and thoroughly researched in order to meet the requirements provided in your instructions, learning objectives (LOs), and rubric.

  4. 100% Privacy Guarantee

    Our online assignment writers are very discreet and ensure that students will never get caught when they submit assignments done for them. Rest assured that no one will ever know that our assignment help service did your college paper for you!

Which students need our online assignment writers the most?

Students who need our assignment help writers the most are English as a Second Language (ESL) learners, international students, and college students pursuing a diploma, associate degree, Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, or a PhD. Passing with an A+ in any assignment is not easy. We have over 200+, highly-qualified writers online who have made it their sole mission to help students struggling to complete their coursework in an online class.

Are your online writers qualified to do assignments in my topic?

Yes, our online writers are qualified to do assignments in topics and subjects they hold degrees in.

Each writer has either a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, or a PhD in the specialty that he or she provides help in. Moreover, our writers have been helping students to do their assignments for over 10+ years! Actually, most of our online writers teach in various colleges and universities in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. They have gained vast experience first as students and then as professionals teaching in various colleges.

Where can I Pay Someone to Do My Assignment?

College students can pay a qualified online writer at to do assignments for them. As our 9.8/10 rating from the last 164 completed assignments attests, paying our writers to do your assignment is the wisest decision for struggling students. 98% of students we have helped complete college assignments find our online writing services to be satisfactory; and they passed with an A+ or B in online classes we took for them. 

What is the cheapest price to pay a writer to do my assignment?

For a quote starting as low as $1 for multiple-choice questions (MCQs), $12 for written assignments, and $13 for timed, online exams, students can pay an online writer to do assignments for them. The cheapest quotes are for assignments due in deadlines longer than 30 days. Therefore, the less urgent an assignment is, the cheaper it is.

For an accurate quote, click on ‘Order Now’ link below and check the price for your custom assignment.

How can students pay an online writer for help?

Are you a college student looking for someone to do your assignment for pay? has over 200+ professional writers who you can pay to do assignments in various specialties and topics. In order to pay a writer to complete your assignment, exam, online quiz, or entire coursework for an online class, click on ‘Order Now’ link below. It takes just 3 minutes to place a request! Alternatively, students can contact our 24/7 online support desk and chat with a professional writer online.

For help with urgent assignments, contact us on Whatsapp on +1(619) 432-0944 and our professional writers online will respond immediately! 

or chat with an online writer on Whatsapp to do your urgent assignment for you now:
contact us Instant assignment help

Which specialties do our assignment writers do?

Our assignment help service has qualified online writers in multiple specialties. Below is a list of the specialties that they are most proficient in:

  1. Nursing
  2. Chemistry
  3. History
  4. PowerPoint Presentations
  5. Online English Class Coursework
  6. Engineering
  7. Biology
  8. Statistics
  9. Physics
  10. Financial Accounting
  11. Economics
  12. Accounting
  13. Finance
  14. Management Accounting
  15. Math
  16. C++
  17. Geometry
  18. Algebra
  19. Calculus
  20. HTML 
  21. MATLAB
  22. Take an Online Class in any subject above

Benefits of Paying the Best Website Online to Do Assignments

Students who pay professional writers from the best website online to do assignments for them benefit by receiving high-quality, non-plagiarized assignments within their selected deadlines. Below are 6 main benefits students receive when they hire us:

  1. Get an A+ in your Assignment

    Get an A+ in college assignmentsThe easiest way to get an A+ is to pay our professional writers to do it for you. Of course, the most effective way to pass with an A+ in any assignment is to study every day and do lots of practice. Straight As students usually come up with a study schedule and a routine on when to start doing each week-on-week assignment in their online class portals. College students who find assignments to be very hard to write on their own; or don’t have the time to do them opt to hire our A+ writers online.

  2. Receive Custom Non-Plagiarized Assignments

    Get non-plagiarized assignmentsCollege students get custom, 100% non-plagiarized assignments delivered to their emails! The best way to avoid plagiarism is to write in your own words by paraphrasing and using in-text citations for direct quotations through referencing formats such as APA, MLA, Harvard, IEEE, or Turabian. Our writers know that submitting a plagiarized assignment leads to an automatic grade of zero; and that it is the easiest way to get kicked out of college. To ascertain that our professional writers have submitted a custom, non-plagiarized assignment, ask for a free plagiarism report from our 24/7 online support desk.

  3. Complete Assignments Within the Deadline!

    do urgent assignmentsWe are the best website online to do assignments for students because we complete them within set deadlines. It doesn’t matter how urgent your assignment is! Our professional writers will do them in as little 3 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours, 24 hrs and so on! For help doing your college assignment urgently, chat with a writer online on Whatsapp on +1(619)432-0944! With over 200+ assignment writers ready to help students pass with an A+, is obviously the best website for college students struggling to do their coursework!

  4. Boost your GPA to 3.5 or Higher!

    Instant Grades money-back guaranteeOur college assignment writers score good grades; or money-back! The easiest way to boost your GPA to 3.5 or higher is to pass with an A+ in your online classes in all of the remaining semesters. Stop struggling in college assignments that you find to be too difficult to pass and pay our online writers to do them for you now! is the best assignment help service because our writers either score an A or B; or refund all money paid! 

  5. The Best Website To Take An Online College Class For You!

    do your modules on canvasWith over 10+ years of experience doing assignments for college students, and with over 7500+ assignments completed, is the surely the best website to take an online class for a struggling student. Our professional writers take online classes for students in portals such as:  Canvas, Web Assign on Cengage, MindTap, Blackboard, McGraw-Hill Connect, Lumist, EngageNY, Eureka, and many more! Instant Grades has the best professional writers to do your online class because we will submit all your assignments within their deadlines and pass with an A+! Rest assured you won’t get caught when we do your class for you! No college will ever know our online writers took your class for you!

  6. 24/7 Online Assignment Help Services & Support

    Online assignment help serviceOur college assignments support desk is online 24/7 to help you do any assignment, online quiz, or timed exam! Instant Grades has over 200+ highly-qualified professional writers with Bachelors, Masters, and PhDs available online for hire to do your urgent assignment in as little as 3 hours! We are the best website online to do assignments for college students in various subjects such as nursing, biology, chemistry, economics, finance, math, accounting, statistics, Microsoft Excel worksheets, MATLAB, and SPSS.

Is your assignment help service legit?

Yes, our instant assignment help service is 100% legit. Our online writers complete A+, plagiarism-free assignments for college students and deliver them within the set deadline. In order to prove that we are legit, new students don’t have to pay for an assignment when placing an order. Payment can be done once our online writers complete the assignment. Our professional writers online will provide a screenshot as legit proof that they have done your homework. Students can then proceed and pay to receive the completed solution.

Is paying someone to do my assignment considered cheating?

Yes and No. Yes, it’s considered as cheating when college students pay someone to do their assignments for them and then present solutions bought online as they are. 

On the other hand, paying someone to do your assignment is not considered as cheating when students use essays bought solely as examples or use them as guides when writing their papers. 

When I pay someone to do my assignment, can I get caught?

No, students who pay us to do their assignments and coursework in an online class cannot get caught. Our assignment help service is fully dedicated to safeguarding your privacy. ensures that your personal details remain anonymous and are deleted as soon as your request is completed.

Moreover, our 100% privacy policy is an important reason why students rate us as the best website online to do assignments for them and help them take an online class successfully. guarantees that no college will ever know our online assignment help writers wrote an essay for a student! College students can contact us by phone or email to verify this privacy policy and ascertain that our services are 100% legit. 

Do You Revise Completed Assignments? What Are the Charges?

Yes, our online writers revise assignments free of charge if and when required! If a student is unhappy with the completed assignment, our professional writers will revise your paper till it is 100% satisfactory. We don’t charge students any fees to revise their papers.

Therefore, if you discover any errors in the completed assignment provided; or believe that we have overlooked something, please contact our online assignment help service and request our writers to revise it ASAP.

As soon as a revision request is received, our online assignment writers will work on it and include any feedback from you or your instructor. However, at the time of requesting for changes or modifications, the original instructions requirements cannot be altered. Students will need to pay for a new request if they want to alter the original instructions provided.

Which Payment Methods Can I Pay For Assignments With?

College students can pay our writers to do assignments using credit cards, debit cards, online banking,  or wire transfer.

We accept payments through a highly secure payment gateway that offers protection to both our online writers and our students. Once you place your request, you will be prompted to enter your bank or credit card information on the secure https checkout page.

We prefer receiving payments in GBP for UK students and USD for assignment orders from other nations. In addition, we accept payments in CAD, AUD, and NZD. Contact our 24/7 online assignment help support team if you have any queries or want to pay in a different currency.

What if I do not get an A in my assignment? Will I be refunded?

Our professional writers online give it their utmost in order to write exceptional assignments that will score the best grades for students. However, in the unlikely event that your assignment does not score a good grade – A or B minimum – you will get your money refunded to your account within 5 to 6 working days. Make sure your request for a refund is justified before submitting it. If the assignment fails to score a good grade for personal reasons, we will not issue a refund.