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1. The nurse is preparing to administer prescribed Ringer’s Lactate…

1. The nurse is preparing to administer prescribed Ringer’s Lactate to their client. Which of the following conditions would be considered a contraindication to the administration of this solution?
Select one: 1. Prolonged vomiting 2. Hypocalcemia 3. Hypotension 4. Hyperkalemia


2. A 19 year-old client is rushed to the emergency department following a motor vehicle accident. The client is hypotensive, confused, lethargic and tachycardic. IV fluid resuscitation is ordered by the healthcare provider (HCP). Which gauge size would the nurse choose for this client?

Select one: 1.24 gauge 2. 20 gauge 3. 14 gauge 4. 18 gauge


2. Which gauge size is commonly chosen for an older adult with fragile veins for IV therapy?
Select one: 1. 16-gauge 2 18 gauge 3. 20-gauge 4.22-gauge


3. The nurse is assessing a client who recently had a PICC line inserted. Which of the following does nurse understand are ways to prevent an air embolism?

Select all that apply 1. Prime tubing with fluid prior to use 2. Ensure all connections are secure 3. Calculate and monitor the flow rate 4. Monitor for signs of circulatory overload 5. Replace IV fluid bag before it empties


4.A client is receiving a chemotherapeutic agent for the treatment of leukemia through a peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC). Upon assessment, the nurse notices that the rate of infusion has slowed, and the tissue surrounding the insertion site has become edematous. The client is complaining of pain and tightness around the site. Which of the following actions are appropriate for the nurse to take next?

Select all that apply 1. Continue the infusion and apply cold compresses to reduce the edema 2. Stop the infusion and disconnect the infusion set 3. Aspirate the drug from the peripheral catheter needle 4. Massage the edematous site 5. Alert the healthcare team and perform detailed documentation.


5. The nurse’s client, a male aged 80, is prescribed maintenance fluids following surgery. Which of the following solutions does the nurse expect the health care provider to prescribe that would be safe for standard body fluid maintenance?

Select one: 1.0.9% normal saline 2.0.45% normal saline 3. Dextrose 10% in water 4. Lactated Ringer’s


6.A nurse on a surgical unit is documenting signs of phlebitis noted on a client’s right metacarpal intravenous site. What findings will the nurse most likely document in the client’s chart?

Select all that apply: 1. Edema around the IV site 2. Cool to touch- 3. Warm to touch 4. Pain at the IV site 5. Vein appears inflamed