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After reading this business proposal answer these question

After reading this business proposal answer these question:


business proposal:

The fresh venture we are proposing would produce eco-friendly furniture and home furnishings, two distinct but related goods. Our eco-friendly furniture will be made from sustainable materials like bamboo, recycled plastics, and reclaimed wood, as well as our natural and recycled home décors goods like hemp, jute, and recycled glass.

Let’s start by discussing the products and resources that will be required for our new company. Our eco-friendly furnishings will be constructed from long-lasting materials like bamboo, recycled plastic, and salvaged wood, and our home furnishings will be built from recyclable and natural materials like jute, hemp, and recycled glass. Our environmentally friendly furniture will be made from sustainable resources like bamboo, recycled plastic, and reclaimed wood. The things made of these materials will need to be designed and built by skilled individuals, and technology will be required to streamline production and reduce waste. We might also need to buy specialized equipment in order to work with these materials successfully.

Our objective is to provide eco-friendly and stylish home goods to those who are concerned about the environment, both in terms of the value we are delivering and the customers we want to draw. These customers seek products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also considerate of the environment. We believe that this will give us an edge over our rivals since our goods will provide a distinctive fusion of style and environmental friendliness.

To secure the success of our company venture, we will concentrate our efforts on creating a strong brand identity that is in line with the sensitivities of our target client. We will need to make a brand that visually appeals to consumers and clearly communicates our dedication to environmental sustainability. Additionally, in order to ensure a consistent supply of premium materials, we will need to build relationships with ecologically conscious material suppliers. We will need to build a clientele of loyal customers that have trust in and respect for our brand, therefore being able to give outstanding customer service will be crucial to our success.

To make our firm viable, we’ll put our efforts into creating a distinctive brand identity that speaks to our target audience, connecting with suppliers of environmentally friendly products, and offering first-rate customer service. We’ll also make advantage of influencer marketing and social media to increase brand recognition and increase sales.

Other sustainable home goods companies and conventional furniture and home décor merchants with eco-friendly solutions may one day be our competitors. There are a number of possible entry barriers, including the high cost of environmentally friendly materials, the need for skilled personnel, and the challenges of building a strong brand in a competitive market.

We will face competition from traditional furniture and home décor merchants, a few of which might offer environmentally friendly options, as well as from other companies that focus on eco-friendly home products. In addition, there can be various barriers to entry in this field.

However, we are certain that our unique fusion of style and environmental sustainability will be what sets us apart from our competitors. Potential entry barriers include the high cost of environmentally friendly materials, the need for skilled labor, and the challenges of building an established name in a crowded market. But we’re sure we can get beyond these obstacles and succeed if we handle this project with careful preparation and execution.


  1. Questions: 
    Outline the development of the venture over the first 2-3 years of operations (types and projected quantities of outputs, sales, number and types of employees, locations, strategy, marketing, potential customers, etc.) (three pages answer)
  2. Describe the organizational structure of your new venture. Describe the organization, describe  how will you organize your management and allocate responsibilities. Discuss compensation and incentives, goals, and targets, as well as performance measures (consider aspects such as accountability, decision making rights, number and rank of employees, principal agent problem). (two pages answer)