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ASSESSMENT 2: Details & Additional Information Aim of

ASSESSMENT 2: Details & Additional Information

Aim of assessment

The aim of this assessment is to enable students to complete the concept map using evidence-based information from relevant literature.

Due Date: Week 6: Monday 10th April 2023 at 23:59hrs

 Word Count

600 words. do not include the reference list at the end of your assignment in the word count.

Concept Map Template

A template for the concept map has been provided for students (see attached). You are to use this template . It has been saved as a word document.

Assessment Marking Criteria

The marking criteria for this assessment can be found in the Learning Guide. It is important that you read this PRIOR to commencing this assessment so that you are fully aware of the criteria and marks for each section of the concept map.

  1. ASSESSMENT 2 -CONCEPT MAP Template – Diverticulitis.docx ASSESSMENT 2 -CONCEPT MAP Template – Diverticulitis.docx – Alternative Formats

 Use the template attached above to complete the following questions: 

Question1: Identify the common predisposing factors for the development of diverticulitis

Question 2: Identify common clinical manifestations of a patient with diverticulitis.

Question 3: Identify specific investigation procedures (with brief rationales) relevant to the diagnosis of diverticulitis

Question 4: Discuss (giving clear rationales) a focused nursing assessment for a patient with diverticulitis in the preoperative period.


A minimum of 5 references are to be used for this assessment.

using APA 7 referencing under 2018-2023