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Assignment Instructions: In addition to the peer-reviewed articles.

Assignment Instructions:

In addition to the peer-reviewed articles you use as evidence for your ideas, please refer to the following documents in your essay:

The NMBA code of conduct for Registered Nurses, The National Standards, the scope of practice of a student nurse, and the medication rights for administration.

Structure of Assignment:

You may wish to use the template provided on the essay structure help sheet and the paragraph structure help sheet provided in Moodle under the assessment tab.

Please see the course descriptor for the assignment formatting expectations as per

Federation University policy


  • Briefly introduce the scenario and its main issues as a summary in your own words.
    Do not repeat or copy the description of the scenario provided word-for-word
  • As an introduction to your main assignment topics and discussion points, briefly explain what is significant about the issues in relation to legal and ethical conduct in nursing practice.

Main Content

Discuss 2 (two) ethical and 2 (two) legal breaches (4 breaches in total) that Gordon and Homer have demonstrated in this scenario

You must:

Clearly identify the name and type of breach (ethical or legal)

Explain why it may breach legal or ethical requirements by referring to specific nursing codes, standards, and/or other requirements

• Discuss the implications of these breaches for the RN, Student nurse, and the patient, and what corrective actions Gordon and Homer should have taken.

Support your ideas by referring to specific codes from within the MBA Code of Conduct, Standards of Practice for Registered Nurses, and peer-reviewed journal articles.


Summarise your main topics and discussion points clearly and concisely

Do not introduce new content or ideas

Reference List

Provide a comprehensive reference list in APA 7th ed format on a new separate page. A MINIMUM of 10 references, not more than 7 years old is required, using peer-reviewed academic sources, this is in addition to any published national legislation.