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CHIEF: Medical assistants are expected to perform

[6:30 PM, 2/24/2023] CHIEF: Medical assistants are expected to perform select all that apply 
.delegated administrative duties
• delegated clinical duties
.  under the supervision of a physician
.  None of the above

As a practicing medical assistant, you may be involved in select all that apply
assisting the patient with special needs 
obtaining patient medical data charting the patient’s pain levels
* None of the above

A durable power of attorney usually
O declares the wishes of a patient should he or he be incapacitated .
.assigns a family member to make decisions regarding medical care
• Both a and b are correct.
• Neither a nor b are correct.

Specialized radiographic exams include a/an select all that apply


Ultrasound studies are considered to be for the patient 
• Low risk
High risk

Tumor markers are used as screening tools to. Select all that apply
determine the reoccurrence of a tumor 
determine the progression of cancer
infectious diseases
cancer caused by infections only

Research indicates that many mental disorders are caused by. Select all tha apply 
• genetic factors
• life experiences
• chemical imbalance 
.brain injury

Which of the following can the body go without for the shortest time?
• Water
O Nutrients
O Food
( None of the above

Exam rooms should be Select all answers that apply
soundproof for patient privacy
• kept at a comfortable temperature for the patients 
well lit and ventilated
None of the above

Correction of a fracture by realigning bone fragments is called
O casting
[6:59 PM, 2/24/2023] CHIEF: The elasticity of the skin is dependent upon 
the dermal layer
• melanin

Preoperative care usually includes select all that apply 
• instructing the patient regarding pre- and post-operative care obtaining necessary laboratory tests
• completing discharge papers
None of the above

Pharmacology is the
O reaction a drug has on the human body
O drug’s brand and trade names
O study of drugs and their effect on the human body
O None of the above

In most states, organ donors are identified with a notation on their
O ID cards
O will
driver’s license
medical records

Emergency plans should be reviewed
O regularly
O when needed
O daily
None of the above

Clouding in the lens of the eye, which impacts vision is called
aortic aneurysm
O glaucoma
[7:11 PM, 2/24/2023] CHIEF: Pediatric doses are typically based upon
• age
• weight
O height
O None of these

Epileptic seizures are classified as select all that apply
• petit mal
status epilepticus 
grand mal

Chemical disinfectants include select all that apply 
• hydrogen peroxide
• bleach
70% isopropyl alcohol
• None of the above

Excessive x-rays can cause select all that apply
genetic mutation
damage to germ cells
• harm to developing fetuses
• None of the above

Factors that may influence a mother’s decision regarding breastfeeding include
Select all that apply. 
health concerns
cultural expectations societal pressures
None of the above

Influences on mental health include select all that apply
family life
social interactions

Before administering any eye medication, you should check the label . Select all that apply.
• immediately before using the medication.
• when you remove the medication from storage.
• against the physician’s order.
• None of the above

If a patient dies and has not signed an organ donation form, the final decision is made by
• the donor’s next of kin
O the hospital
O the physician in charge

Cancer can occur due select all that apply 
to cellular mutation
repeated exposure to carcinogens
tissue damage

The physical examination may include select all that apply
laboratory tests

Once properly trained, medical assistants would be expected to perform select all answers that apply.
| immobilizing of head, neck, or limbs
• bandaging and manipulation of pressure points
None of the above