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You will also be required to submit a 5 page paper (not including title page, 12 point font, double- spaced). The paper will be about the past, present future of the health issue (Make it clear in the paper when you are switching to discuss the past, present, future-subtitles help). Use the articles you found in Part 1 and you can add new ones at this point if needed.



Past:  What is the history of this issue and how was it dealt with in the past, particularly as it relates to Indigenous peoples. Discuss three key points.


Present: What is the current status of this issue and how is it being dealt with now, particularly as it relates to Indigenous peoples. Try and incorporate the determinants of health Discuss three key points.


Future: What is likely to happen to this issue in the future (think of the next Seven Generation). What are some innovative approaches that might be used to deal with this issue in the future? Try and incorporate one or two Truth and Reconciliation calls to action. Discuss three key points.


The community to do write the essay about is Cree community( Indigenous community)


Resources that needs to use but also add other reference

Canadian Diabetes Association. (2023). Indigenous communities and diabetes. Retrieved from—resources/indigenous-communities-and-diabetes.

Indigenous Services Canada. (n.d.). Diabetes prevention and management. Retrieved from

Rice, K., Te Hiwi, B., Zwarenstein, M., Lavallee, B., Barre, D. E., & Harris, S. B. (2016). Best practices for the prevention and management of diabetes and obesity-related chronic disease among Indigenous Peoples in Canada: A review. Canadian Journal ofDiabetes,contains,diabetes%20in%20indigenous%20in%20canada


Part 3-Grading



Past and health issue

Present       and health issue

Future and health issue


Clarity and Flow

Grammar and Spelling

Use of resources and APA