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Discussion Purpose The purpose of this discussion is expand..

Discussion Purpose The purpose of this discussion is expand learners’ awareness of social, environmental, economic, and health policy factors that influence health behavior and disease prevention.

Complete the assigned readings in this lesson to prepare for this discussion.

  • Organize your initial post into two to three paragraphs that address each of the prompts below. Use examples and citations to support your conclusions (within your writing) that correspond with the source(s) reference  APA Style
    • Discussion Prompts & Questions
      1. The prevalence of overweight and obesity-related chronic disease in America persists despite decade-long initiatives to promote healthy eating. Public health research and health professionals agree that interventions that target social, economic, environmental, and health policies are needed to address the growing epidemic of chronic diseases associated with unhealthy eating patterns.
        1. Identify the state you are from or where you practice nursing Mississippi
        2. Using your computer, search one of the two health ranking sites to locate health rankings and indicators for healthy eating in your state:
          1. County Health Rankings and Roadmaps or
          2. America’s Health Rankings
        3. Key rankings/indicators relevant to healthy eating may be classified as rates of obesity, diabetes, food security index, and fruit and vegetable consumption.
        4. Identify the health rankings site you used for your search.
        5. Notice: The sites will not work if you are searching from a mobile device.
        1. List the indicators/rankings that are related to healthy eating.
        2. Discuss how your state’s ranking/indicators compare with the nation?
        3. What do these findings mean for health promotion priorities in your state?
        1. Describe at least two (2) indicators/rankings that represent barriers to healthy eating in your state
          1. These are factors that hinder individuals’ ability to afford and access healthy food choices and incorporate healthy eating patterns in their daily lives. Examples may include education levels, literacy rates, poverty rates, income inequality, long commutes to work, public health funding, percentage of dedicated health providers, and frequent mental or physical stress.
        1. What can health care professionals and communities do to reduce these barriers to healthy eating in your state?