Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Question In adult patients with…

Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Question


In adult patients with hypertension treated within a primary care practice, how effective is providing virtual group education sessions in enhancing self-care behaviors and improving blood pressure readings within three months?



1. Methodology

With a few sentences about this section-use research text descriptors of methodology and explain yours.  


I am planing on having a sample of 20-30 participants, convenience sample. the intervention consists of virtual group sessions ( 6 sessions, [see draft bellow]) and data will be collected pre and post intervention (same group) through  the Hypertension Self-Care Profile (HBP-SCP) Behavior questionnaire tool and the The Brief Illness Perception Questionnaire. I am having some issues to start writing about everything and would appreciate a little push 🙂




Series of Group workshops/educational sessions, virtual or in person


Meetings structure- Draft

Five- Six sessions

Session one- Introductions, sharing objectives and challenges

Session two- Dietary recommendations- short PPT and open discussion for peer support

Session three- Physical Activity level- short PPT and open discussion for peer support

Session four- Compliance with hypertensive medication, limit alcohol and smoking cessation- short PPT and open discussion for peer support

Session five- Manage stress- short PPT and open discussion for peer support

Session Six- Importance of a close relationship with the primary care providers and wrap-up.

Image transcription text

E. Bmadbem er of. 2″ Journal of’Psy-chosoman’o Research 60 {2006) 63} — 637 63′? Appendix A. The
Brief Illness Perception Questionnaire For the following questions, please circle the number that best
corresponds to your views: How much does your illness affect your life? 0 l 2 3 4 5 6 ‘7 8 9 10 no … Show more


Hypertension Self-Care Profile Behavior Questionnaire

Listed below are common recommendations for persons with hypertension. How often do you do the following?

ItemsAlways 4Frequently 3Sometimes 2Rarely/ Never 1
1. Take part in regular physical activity (e.g. 30 minutes of walking 4-5 times a week)?
2. Read nutrition facts label to check information on sodium content?
3. Replace traditional high-salt foods (e.g. canned soups, Oodles of Noodles) with low salt products (e.g. homemade soups, fresh vegetables)?
4. Limit use of high-salt condiments (e.g. Ketchup)?
5. Eat less than 1 teaspoon of table salt per day (6 grams)?
6. Eat less foods that are high in saturated (e.g. red meat, butter) and trans-fat (e.g. shortening, lard)?
7. Use broil, bake or steam instead of frying when cooking?
8. Read nutrition facts label to check information on saturated (e.g. butter, red meat) and trans-fat (e.g. lard, shortening)?
9. Replace traditional high-fat foods (e.g. deep-fried chicken) with low-fat products (e.g. baked chicken)?
10. Limit total calorie intake from fat (less than 65 grams) daily?
11. Eat 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables daily?
12. Practice moderation in drinking alcohol daily (2 glasses or less for men; 1 glass or less for women)?
13. Practice non-smoking?
14. Check your blood pressure at home?
15. Forget to take your blood pressure medicine?
16. Forget to fill your prescriptions?
17. Keep your weight down?
18. Monitor situations that cause a high level of stress (e.g. arguments, death in the family) resulting in blood pressure elevation?
19. Engage in activities that can lower stress (e.g. deep breathing, meditation)?
20. See a doctor regularly?


The data will be collected through a demographic survey and the Hypertension Self-Care Profile (HBP-SCP) Behavior questionnaire tool.


Provide a description of how can the data be collected with the info provided above and best roadmap to see how effective is providing virtual group education sessions in enhancing self-care behaviors and improving blood pressure readings for hypertensive population.


2. Based on the above information witch of the following designs would fit best?





            Sample Designs include the following:


1.  Quantitative/Experimental:  requires a control group and randomized sampling.

2.  Quasi-experimental:  no control group and not random sample.

3.  Mixed methods:  use of quasi-experimental design with 3-5 open-ended questions.

4.  Descriptive: descriptive statistics may be obtained non-quantitative.

5.  Exploratory: Pilot study or focus groups

6.  Qualitative or Phenomenological:  interviewing participants with audio or video       taping utilizing a small, convenience sample.


State the type of research design (e.g., quantitative, qualitative, mixed-methods, quasi-experimental, exploratory) and rationale for use.





Polit, D. F., & Beck, C. T. (2021) Nursing research: Generating and assessing evidence for nursing practice (11th ed.). Wolters Kluwer.






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