How Do I Format My College Essay in IEEE?

Wondering how to format your college essay in IEEE? Worry no more as Instant Grades has got you sorted! Of course, if your college requires you to format an essay in IEEE, you will be provided with resource materials and tutorials to learn how to reference using this guideline. Nonetheless, in some instances, engineering students may find this citation style challenging and seek help from our college essay writing service.

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College essays done using the IEEE citation style are essays that require in-text citations done using numbers in square brackets i.e. [1]  and  corresponding entry for this reference in “references” page. For a more comprehensive and updated guide, please refer to this link here.
In order to get excellent grades, college students must acquaint themselves with how essays should be written using the IEEE referencing format. This guide will give you free tips on how to format your paper in IEEE. If still in doubt, contact the best assignment help experts and we shall gladly help you out!

Tips on How to Format a Title Page in IEEE Citation Style

A title page written using the IEEE citation guidelines is a separate page that contains your details as well as the details for your online college class. This page is not graded but writing the details in the correct manner communicates a strong message that you intend to write a well-formatted college essay.

Below are tips on what to include in the title section in that order:

  •     Author’s name (or authors’ names)
  •     Author affiliation(s)
  •     City & country location(s)
  •     E-mail address(es).

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This guide will give you free tips on how to format your paper in IEEE. If still in doubt, contact our instant assignment help experts and we shall gladly help you out!

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Who Created and Updates the IEEE Citation Guidelines?

The IEEE formatting style is a referencing style by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. It is widely used method for authoring, publishing, and citing research articles in specialized fields such as engineering. If you have an engineering assignment that you need help writing or referencing contact our experts right away!

Based on the Chicago Manual of Style, the format is extensively used by students and researchers in computer science and related technical subjects. This detailed handbook will be useful for any student or young professional working in this industry. As a result, if that’s your major, we propose reading this article instead of studying the complete edition of the most recent IEEE manual of style, to save time and easily comprehend the concept of how to prepare references for a paper that should be cited in IEEE.

Tips on How to Format a College Essay in IEEE

The following are the best tips provided by our essay writing experts on how to format your college essay in IEEE:

  1. The paper title, in 24-point type, should be centered at the top of the first page.
  2. After a line break, center the byline below the title in 10-point type. It should include, on separate lines, the following:
    1. Author’s name (or authors’ names)
    2. Author affiliation(s)
    3. City & country location(s)
    4. E-mail address(es).
  3. The body of the document should be written in 10-point type and arranged in two columns. The columns on the final page should all be the same length; this may need the addition of a column break after you have completed the body of your paper.
  4. An abstract and index terms are required for all papers.
  5. Depending on the setting and field, papers may include some or all of the following:
    1. Note to Practitioners
    2. Nomenclature
    3. Appendices
    4. Acknowledgements
  6. The IEEE offers recommendations for primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary section headings. Papers may be organized into sections and subsections.
  7. IEEE papers start with a drop cap two lines deep, then the next 8–12 characters (or 1-2 words, depending on the situation) are all capital letters.
  8. Equations should be numbered separately and consecutively from tables and figures. Additionally, they must be centered in the respective column.
  9. It is recommended that you use a template to ensure you do not miss any of the indicated formatting rules.

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