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How do forms of global interdependence create opportunities.

How do forms of global interdependence create opportunities for effectivecooperation?3. Conclude by reflecting on how this global challenge might best be addressed movingforward. What specific actions or strategies should be taken at the local and globallevels to successfully respond to or ‘solve’ this problem?Course Content and ReferencingFor Assignment #2, you are expected to use theoretical and empirical details drawnfrom relevant readings, learning materials and live sessions to inform yourdiscussion.In addition, this assignment requires that you use a minimum of three outsideresources to further inform your analysis. These resources can be peer-reviewedacademic journals, textbooks or similar academic publications, governmentpublications, copyrighted news sources and/or publications by recognizedintergovernmental organizations (e.g. the United Nations) or global non-governmentalorganizations (e.g. Amnesty International, Genocide Watch).Please note: non-peer-reviewed sites such as Wikipedia, blogs, and other non-copyrighted or personal web pages are not acceptable sources for this academicresearch assignment.Remember to properly reference all ideas and information using APA referencingformat, to avoid the serious academic offense of plagiarism. This requires both in-textcitations, and a properly formatted, complete bibliography. You are required toparaphrase all information and ideas (i.e. express ideas in your own words). Use directquotes sparingly. Use the following resources for guidance: to properly reference constitutes plagiarism and will result in an automaticgrade of zero. Students who commit this serious academic offense will be reported tothe college for academic misconduct.Format:The required format for Assignment #2 is a formal essay of approximately 750 – 1000words ( typed, double-spaced, 12 point font, proper margins).


Journal Dropbox.In a few sentences, tell me what contemporary global challenge you have chosen toinvestigate, and provide a brief outline indicating your preliminary thesis and supportingarguments. Provide a properly formatted bibliography of course materials and aminimum of three outside sources that you will be using to inform your analysis. Thisactivity will give me a chance to provide you with feedback, and respond to anyquestions or concerns you might have before you submit your final assignment