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Learning Goal/s and Learning Plan Learning Goal/s for this course

Learning Goal/s and Learning Plan
Learning Goal/s

for this course

(use SMART criteria to develop your goal/s)

By the end of the nursing clinical practicum in the surgery department on April 1, 2023, I will be able to apply nursing knowledge and skills effectively in providing safe and competent patient care during the preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative phases of patient care
Detailed Learning Plan




















Evaluation (What indicates to you that your goal was met?)

  • Take part in the Surgical Department’s daily nursing report, handoff reports, and case conferences


  • Take part in patient care rounds alongside other members of the interdisciplinary team


  • Participate in the care of pre-operative and post-operative patients while also observing their treatment.


  • Study the medical-surgical nursing-related research papers and journal articles that have been assigned to me.


  • Take part in initiatives based on evidence-based practice and put evidence-based practice improvements into effect to improve patient care


  • Observe operations performed at the bedside as well as surgeries in the Surgery Department


  • Observe and participate in the preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative phases of patient care.


  • Identify and prioritize nursing interventions based on patient needs during the perioperative phase.


  • Document and report patient care activities accurately and in a timely manner.


  • Seek feedback from clinical instructors and primary nurses to improve nursing practice.



In order to evaluate my development, I will first compile a list of the tasks that I have successfully finished during my internship in the Surgical Department.


I will evaluate my knowledge of medical-surgical nursing and the functions of the multidisciplinary team by reading the entries I have made in my journal and reflecting on what I have learned.


Feedback from clinical instructors and preceptors.




Competency Application (List with competency number from CLPNA competency profile)  

Major Competency

K: Surgical Competency

K-1: Surgical Nursing and Interventions



K-1-2 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to provide education to the surgical patient: • deep breathing and coughing • dietary needs and restrictions • drains and tubes • discharge planning • incentive spirometry • pain management • mobility and exercise • rehabilitation and restorative care • referrals • surgical site and wound management • personal directives and Goals of Care

K-1-3 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to perform preoperative care according to employer requirements: • confirm oral intake • primary contact information • ensure informed consent • preoperative history and assessment • pre-surgical preparation • transfer patient to operating room

K-1-4 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to receive patient from recovery room and perform postoperative care: • review and initiate postoperative orders • initial and ongoing postoperative assessment: o binders and compression devices o casts, splints, orthopedic devises o cognitive and neurovascular status o dermatome checks o dressings, wounds, drainage devices o infusion therapy o vital signs • safety precautions, mobilization, and transfer methods • nutrition and elimination needs • pain assessment and management


What I Learned – Describe the event/learning that occurred
Proficiency Rating – What proficiency do you rate yourself with this competency
Why It was Meaningful/ Significant
How I will Apply this Learning in Nursing Practice
List of items added to profile – summary of additions