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Medical/Surgical Scenario: Breaking the Chain of Transmission …

Medical/Surgical Scenario:  Breaking the Chain of Transmission 

  1. Prep/pre-brief
    1. The objectives for this scenario are:
      1. Demonstrate the application of knowledge and skills related to infection prevention and control practices.
      2. Identify high-risk areas to break the chain of transmission
      3. Apply interprofessional communication skills to foster collaboration and provide safe client care.
      4. Prep questions

Please use the following website to help guide your answers to the following questions:


  1. What are the five “moments” of hand hygiene in caring for any client/patient?


  1. How often might a caregiver clean their hands in a 12-hour shift?


  1. How often, on average do caregivers clean their hands during a work shift?


  1. Scenario 


  1. When you click on the link, it should take you directly to the scenario.  Click on “Play the Game” to proceed if needed.
  2. Please anticipate doing the scenario at least twice.


  1. Debriefing Questions
    1. Please make  an ISBAR for the client to report to an oncoming nurse.
    2. Please answer the following questions and be prepared to review your thoughts with your clinical instructor. F
      1. What are your thoughts about this simulation? Did you find it helpful to your learning? Why or why not?


  1. What did you learn about infection prevention and control practices?



  1. Consider the client as a member of the interprofessional team, how will you collaborate with the client to promote infection prevention and control practices?


  1. What are your two take-aways from this scenario that you will apply to your clinical practice?


  1. Do you feel you were able to meet the objectives of the Breaking the Chain of Transmission scenario?  Please explain.


  1. Concept map
    1. For this scenario, please have a concept map.
      1. Sepsis
    2. For each scenario, you need to have the following documents:
      1. Prep/brief & debriefing questions answered, neatly written or typed.
      2. ISBAR reports-hand off to incoming nurse
      3. Concept map