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Tips on How to Pass with an A+ in Chemistry Class

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Tips on How to Pass with an A+ in Chemistry Class

The most effective way on how to pass in Chemistry class coursework with an A+ is to set a study schedule with a daily routine. Coursework for a college Chemistry class includes readings/ learning material/book chapters to be covered each week and corresponding assignments that must be completed within a specified deadline. Typically, 6 assignments are due every week. Below are tips on how to pass with an A+ in each of these assignments.

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Pass in Initial Discussion Posts in Chemistry Online Class

Usually, posts are 200-350 words in length and are due by Wednesday each week. In order to pass with an A+ in these Chemistry assignments, complete your discussion post on Tuesday, then proofread it on Wednesday before submitting it.

Pass in Chemistry Online Class Responses

Usually, students must post 2 responses each week; each about 100-150 words long. They must be posted on different days after posting your initial discussion post i.e. Friday and Sunday. In order to pass with an A+ in these college Chemistry assignments, ensure that your responses are not merely an affirmation of content posted by your fellow classmates; and provide deeper insights that agree or provide a different point of view.

Pass in Week-on-Week Chemistry Assignments

Each week’s readings culminate in an assignment due by mid-night on Sunday. This could be a term paper, case study, capstone, virtual lab, or research paper. These assignments carry a significant number of points. College students can check under the course syllabus in their online portals in order to know how many points each of these assignments has.

In order to pass with an A+ in these college Chemistry assignments, ensure that you start with an outline. Second, write a rough draft including an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Finally, proofread your assignment before submitting it in your online portal at least 6 hours early.

Pass in Online Chemistry Quizzes

There are several quizzes to be completed in a college Chemistry class. The are multiple-choice questions that may be timed or non-timed. In a timed Chemistry quiz, only questions answered within the timeframe allocated contribute towards a student’s final grade. Therefore, if a college student is to complete a quiz successfully and pass with an A+, he or she will need to manage the allocated time wisely. Quizzes do not carry a lot of points. However, they contribute significantly to your coursework’s grade and must be done well in order to get an A+. Otherwise, students will need to do extra, graded assignments for bonus points.

Pass in Chem Class Mid-term and Final Exams

Chemistry exams are usually timed i.e. 45 mins, 60 mins, 75 mins, 120 mins and so on. They include multiple-choice questions as well as essay questions and carry the most points in any online Chemistry class. Therefore, passing in your Chem coursework highly depends on how well you perform in your mid-term and final exams.

Just like Chemistry quizzes, they may be timed or non-timed. The easiest way to pass in a Chemistry final exam (or mid-term exam) is by doing lots of practice by solving sample questions, past exam papers, and end-of-chapter questions. You will need lots and lots of practice in order to gain confidence in your abilities. Alternatively, you can hire our tutors to do your Chem exam for you at a fee as low as $12.

In order to pass with an A+ in a timed Chemistry exam, divide the allocated time with the number of questions. Do this before you click on ‘start.’ Otherwise, the clock will start running and you will lose valuable time. Once you determine how much time to spend on a question, keep an eye on the timer once you start doing your Chem exam online. Finish easy, straight-forward questions quickly and save time to do harder questions as well as write down answers for essay questions.

Once you complete your online Chemistry exam and you find that you have some spare time, review all your answers before submitting it. If you follow this advise from our expert Chemistry assignments tutors, you will pass with an A+ and boost your overall GPA!

Pass in Virtual Chemistry Lab Online Class

In an online class, these Chemistry assignments are done in a secure online testing environment such as Cengage and McGraw Hill Connect. College students conduct experiments and determine results/findings in a virtual environment. They then submit the completed lab work for grading by their tutors. In order to pass with an A+ in your virtual Chemistry lab coursework, ensure that you meet the pre-requisites for the lab class before attempting to do it. These may include reading material and lab tools. Further, do all the measurements and calculations in a place free of distractions or interference.

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