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Primary medical problem: kidney stones

Primary medical problem: kidney stones


1. In simpler words, define and describe the pathophysiology of he primary medical problem of your patient. How would you teach your patient about the pathophysiology of this medical problem using non-medical terminology?

Pathophysiology of Primary Medical Problem What would you teach patient/family?


2. What body system or systems are directly impacted by this medical problem and how?

Body system(s) How is each body system affected?


3. What are the priority nursing assessments with this medical problem? Refer to the body systems listed above that are most affected. What assessment findings may be abnormal as a result of this problem?

Priority Assessments What are expected abnormal findings?



4. What lab tests are altered by this medical problem? How are those lab tests affected? Does the altered lab test affect any physical assessment findings?

Abnormal Labs How Affected (high or low) How are assessment findings affected?


5. What medications are most commonly prescribed to manage this medical problem?

Medications (generic) What is the mechanism of action? (In your own words)