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Review the “HowBeing Overweight or Obese Affectsyour Health”.

  1. Review the “HowBeing Overweight or Obese Affectsyour Health” case study and answer these questions.
    1. How does additional body weight affectphysical status?
    2. What are some barriersand challenges to losing weightin the U.S.?
    3. Discuss culturalconsiderations when discussing weight and weightloss with clients.
    4. What would you suggestto help Mark achieve a healthy weight?
    5. Submit your answersto your faculty as instructed.
      • Faculty may request your assignment be submitted as a hard or electronic copy.


  1. Relearning Opportunity (if Unsatisfactory on the first submission; 0-10% increase in points earned;total points for assignment cannot exceed 25)
    • Reflect on your answers as you reviewthe case studyagain. Update your answers to reflect a deeper understanding of the nurse’s role in teaching individuals about obesity.