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Sanyu Sony started a new business and completed these transactions during December. December 1 Sanyu Sony transferred $69,600

In clude in text citations and Harvard referencing

Visit webpage for any one of the following firms  ANZ Bank Australia


a) Discuss some key points your chosen company is communicating through this page about their commitment to people, community and planet


b) What kind of image as a “corporate citizen” your chosen company is trying to project, and why? Reflection tip: What are your thoughts about corporate social and/or environmental responsibility? Do you believe in the importance of adopting such a practice? (particularly in your chosen career path) accounting career path


3. Please read the Email and Internet Guide February 2017 and answer the following questions.

a. What things do you need to consider when distributing and addressing emails?

b. What things do you need to consider in terms of the Subject and Content of Emails?

Reflection tip: How do you perceive your email writing skills? What sort of information do you forget to place in an email at times? What have you learnt from your email writing skills, especially when dealing with academics and in the workplace?


The ACCA report focuses on over 2,200 respondents, all working for one of the top accountancy firms globally (either in one of the Big Four or a mid-tier firm). The report reveals those in large firms want fast progression and great learning opportunities that support their career development.

1. Refer to Figure 1.2 and list ‘what attracted you to a career in finance?’ as presented in Figure 1.2.


2.Refer to Figure 2.1 and write a short paragraph on the impact of technology on all sectors, Mid-tier and the Big Four firms


3. ACCA’s interviews with employers suggest that large accountancy firms devote a lot of time and effort to embedding first-class talent management practices. In order to retain those which the firm wants to see staying and secure a strong and sustainable pipeline of talent for tomorrow’s leadership positions, those employers are engaged in a number of initiatives designed to address changing work preferences and better advertise the value of a long-term career with their firm. Briefly discuss what do you understand from the four initiatives presented on pages 29and 30.

Reflect on the insights in light of your chosen career path.  chosen career path accounting industry