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Subject 5: Home and Community Support For each home care setting…

Subject 5:  Home and Community Support

For each home care setting inspect hazards and check the environment for hazards to your own and others’ health and safety and implement controls to manage risks for two different clients.

HAZARD INSPECTION FORM for two different clients
Part A. Student Information
Inspection conducted by:   Date completed:  
Part B. Checklist
Secure the necessary permissions before conducting a hazard check in your client’s home.

For each of the items listed below, rate safety according to the following risk matrix:

Likelihood of an accident occurring as a result of this hazard Potential Consequence
Negligible Minor Moderate Major Extreme
Almost Certain Medium High High Very High Very High
Likely Medium Medium High High Very High
Possible Low Medium Medium High High
Unlikely Low Medium Medium Medium High
Rare Low Low Low Medium Medium

Where you answer Medium, High or Very High, add comments how the hazard was addressed, i.e. reported to supervisor, isolated hazard, or indicate specific actions taken.


Area Risk Rating Comments
  • Adequate exterior lighting provided and maintained.
Choose an item.  
  • Free from jagged or protruding surfaces/objects (including significant cracks).
  • Wide enough for intended use (including wheelchair access).
Choose an item.  
Steps / Stairs / Ramps
  • Handrails provided when there are more than two risers.
  • Treads provided and maintained in good condition.
  • Slope of ramp appropriate for wheelchair access.
Choose an item.  
Ground surfaces
  • Free from jagged or protruding surfaces/objects.
Choose an item.  
Roof areas
  • Access limited.
  • Maintained in good order.
  • Guttering securely attached, no build-up of leaves, etc.
Choose an item.  
Pool area
  • Securely fenced to restrict non-supervised access.
  • Chemicals correctly stored.
Choose an item.  
Clothes line
  • Stable.
  • Wires secured and taut.
  • Height adjustable.
  • Suitable access pathway.
Choose an item.  
Bathroom (all bathrooms in the house)
  • Non-slip flooring.
  • Change bench provided (where necessary).
  • Bathing aids provided where appropriate.
  • Waste Water drain in floor.
  • Adequate storage for linen and toiletries.
  • Hoist provided (where necessary)
  • Appliances (for example hair drier) kept away from water.
  • Appliances kept out of reach of children.
  • Exhaust fans functioning.
Choose an item.  
Toilet (all toilets in the house)
  • Condition of floors, walls and ceiling.
  • Condition of fittings and fixtures.
Choose an item.  
Lounge room
  • Sufficient space for storage and movement.
  • Lounge chairs suitable for needs of client AND caregiver.
  • Television and Video (no piggyback plugs).
Choose an item.  
  • Detergents/soaps and other chemicals stored securely.
  • Protective equipment and clothing available for chemical use.
  • All chemicals stored in original container.
  • Non-slip flooring.
  • Washing machine / drier securely fixed in position.
  • Adequate bench space for clothes sorting.
  • Trolley available for moving clothes basket.
  • Waste Water drain in floor.
  • Adequate ventilation to prevent build-up of condensation.
Choose an item.  
Kitchen / Dining room
  • Stove / oven / microwave securely fixed in position.
  • Sharp objects (including knives) kept in secure storage.
  • Non slip floor surface.
  • Detergents/cleaners/poisons stored away from foodstuffs.
  • Protective equipment provided for chemical use.
  • Cyclical removal and cleaning of filters in extraction hoods.
  • First aid supplies accessible.
  • Fire Blanket appropriately located.
  • Location of nearest extinguisher clearly signposted.
  • Electronically lit gas burners.
  • Bench height appropriate to needs of users.
  • All chemicals stored in original containers.
  • All plastic bags securely stored.
  • Pet feeding utensils kept separate from those used for humans.
  • Good hygiene standards maintained.
  • Adequate storage provided.
  • Free from infestation of rodents or insects.
  • Waste containers supplied with lids and emptied regularly.
  • Chairs and tables in good order.
Choose an item.  



Bedroom (all bedrooms in the house)
  • Sufficient space for storage and movement.
  • Bed height suitable for working needs of care giver.
  • Condition of doors and windows.
Choose an item.  
Electrical systems
  • Wiring maintained in good condition.
  • Cords on all appliances safe to use.
  • Power sockets / plugs secure and safe for use.
  • Appliances safety stored.
  • Appliances kept away from water.
  • No overloading of power points.
  • Electrical Safety Switch installed.
  • Hard wired smoke detectors installed.
Choose an item.  
Windows / Doors
  • Sufficient doorway width for wheelchair access.
  • Full height glazed doors clearly marked at eye level.
  • Fly wire screens intact.
  • No sticking doors or windows.
Choose an item.  
Heating / Cooling systems
  • Guards provided around heaters where necessary.
  • No portable bar radiators in use.
  • Heaters used and maintained in line with manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Matches, lighters and igniters securely stored.
  • Ducted heating grills in good condition.
  • Adequate clearance for ceiling fans.
Choose an item.  
  • Wide enough for wheelchair and hoists.
  • Floor coverings not a trips risk.
  • Floor coverings suitable for wheelchair use.
Choose an item.