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Task Description Mid-North Coast and Northern NSW have recently

Task Description

Mid-North Coast and Northern NSW have recently experienced significant natural disasters and other emergencies. Fires, floods, and the COVID-19 global pandemic have impacted people in the region.


The local Council, Southern Cross University, the Local Health District and North Coast Primary Health Network (Healthy North Coast) are hosting discussions on the use of technology to support the Natural Disaster Emergency health response. Participation from local health professionals has been requested to identify how health technologies can be best used to assist in supporting individuals and communities to recover from natural and emergency disasters.



Technological advancements have assisted in resolving numerous problems related to natural disasters. We observed how swiftly pre-existing technologies were implemented to mitigate the spread and impact of COVID-19. However, the available technology has yet to be fully utilised in health care.


This assessment is the culmination of the learning you have completed within the unit and allows you the freedom to explore the application of health technology to address a complex, issue. Within this assessment, you will also need to draw on your knowledge and understanding of the social determinants of health.






Task structure

You are required to prepare a 900-word written response to how we can use existing technology to support the health response to a natural disaster. Using a typical health technology assessment format, you are to address the application of your chosen technology in relation to its:

  • Clinical effectiveness (does the health technology work?)
  • Safety (is it safe to use?)
  • Other information (what are the relevant clinical needs it is addressing, or social or ethical issues?)

You are encouraged to include technology that is relevant to your discipline and scope of practice.



The SCU Learning Zone ( ) has many brilliant resources for students to support you in completing your assessment tasks. For this task, we recommend the following resources:


  • Planning your Essay:
  • A Model Essay Structure:

References should not be older than 5 years old in APA 7 style.