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The assistant should maintain a __________ folder containing the…

The assistant should maintain a __________ folder containing the physician’s preferences, as well as other items relating to travel.

Question 1 options:



According to data collected by the Census Bureau, as of 2010, 4.4 million U.S. homes had three or more _____ living together under one roof.

Question 2 options:



An official publication of the American Association of Medical Assistants is the __________________.

Question 3 options:



When asked to design and construct a method to convey practice information to patients, Rivka was unsure of how to begin. She works for a new pediatrician and the general parent population of their patients is below the age of 30. Which of the following would be a productive first step?

Question 4 options:

Compile all the procedures and policies of the practice in a brochure format.
Research local printing costs.
Take a class on web design.
Conduct a survey of the patients’ parents to determine their desired mode of delivery, such as electronic, written, or both.


You are the administrative medical assistant at a large cardiology practice and just received a nasty complaint via email from a patient. You know the patient is incorrect in her accusations. What would be your best course of action?

Question 5 options:

Send a response immediately to the patient telling her she is wrong.
Get the patient on the phone and tell her never to send another email.
Allow time to gather more data and reevaluate your first response.
Key in a response in all caps and send to the patient.


What part of the policies and procedures manual would include names, positions, physical locations, telephone or extension numbers, cell phone numbers, and pager numbers of everyone in the office?

Question 6 options:

Office personnel directory
Employee management directory
Employer directory
Proprietor directory


Good stress, also called ____________, is our body’s nudge to maintain its function.

Question 7 options:



A person or reputable agency used to assist with travel arrangements is a(n) _____________.

Question 8 options:

Travel agent
Service agent
Tourism guide
Journey agent


Good managers must be able to analyze the _________ of each situation and implement the most appropriate leadership style.

Question 9 options:



How should chairs in the waiting area be arranged?

Question 10 options:

With no spaces to allow for maximum seating
With adequate walking space for patients
Spaced out to prevent spread of illness
There should be no seating provided