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The client believes that the abdominal abscess is caused by..

The client believes that the abdominal abscess is caused by a hex placed on him by his neighbor because of an ongoing dispute over the placement of their shared fence. Last week, a particularly angry interaction took place, in which his neighbor shouted curses and threatened to have a hex placed on him. Less than 24 hours later, the client began to experience abdominal pain, which he endured for 3 days before seeking treatment.

You are preparing the client for surgery to drain the abscess. Nothing his anxious expression, you ask what is bothering him. He replies by telling you that the surgery will not cure his condition until the hex is removed, and the only way to do that is to appease his neighbor.

  • How would you react to your client’s anxiety about the hex?
  • Which therapeutic interventions would you choose if you were this client’s care provider?



James and Justin, two neighborhood teens, are working on building a model airplane in Justin’s backyard. A piece of the model breaks, and they begin to argue about each other’s clumsiness. The emotions grow, and soon scuffing, swearing, and fighting ensue. The commotion brings both fathers to the scene. Justin’s father shakes his fist and shouts, “That’s a boy! Punch him good. No son of mine is going to let someone get the best of him!” James’s father, also seeing the scene, reacts with, “Boys! Stop fighting! There are better ways to solve your problems that beating each other up.”

  • How did each father’s perception of the situation differ?
  • What do you think caused the difference in their reactions?
  • What do you think James ad Justin learned from observing each father’s response?



Using the five components of a health personality described in the text, asses yourself.

  • Compare with the description of a person with a healthy personality?







Feels captive in the system (family, group, community)

Blames self for problems leading to abuse

Has low self-esteem; views self as unworthy

Feels helpless and powerless to change situation

Is financially, emotionally, or physically dependent on abuser

Is depressed, unable to see a future without abuse

  • How many people do you know demonstrate these characteristics?
  • What interventions would you choose for a client who feels like a victim?