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The healthcare organization I selected is American Medical

The healthcare organization I selected is American Medical Association, their objective is to represent medical doctors around the country and wish to better the healthcare for all and promote a safer environment for doctors and patients. “The AMA helps physicians build a better future for medicine, advocating in the courts and on the Hill to remove obstacles to patient care and confront today’s greatest health crises” (AMA, 2023). AMA is big on being an ally for physicians, patient care, the future of medicine, and the leaders of tomorrow because they always want to promote the art and science of medicine and the future of public health.

There is a new playbook, The AMA Digital Health Implementation Playbook, that offers guidance for selecting an EHR Vendor and it guides providers in evaluating these EHR Vendors during the selection process. The playbook is divided into three parts, the first is that it “provides recommendations on how to integrate digital tools into the clinical setting. In part two, AMA outlines the implementation process in six steps” (Monica, 2018). In step four, there are tips for EHR selection that AMA offers and during this process it is important that you select a vendor that will be a long-term partner and speak to different organizations and/or practices that are similar to their’s so they can have a list of possible vendors.

6 steps of implementation process (Monica, 2018):

  1. Prompts healthcare organizations to identify a need within their organization or practice where technology can support improvement.
  2. Association advises healthcare organizations engage all staff and key stakeholders into four teams: core, leadership, advisory, and implementation.
  3. Requires team members to establish objectives.
  4. AMA offers tips on EHR selection.
  5. After thoroughly vetting potential vendors to find the specific EHR offering best suited to a healthcare organization’s needs, staff can turn their attention to proposing the new system to leadership.
  6. Leadership can make a contract that aligns the healthcare organization’s needs with its vendor partner.

When researching an EHR vendor, hospitals should view businesses as more than simply a service provider, they should be viewing it as a partner in accomplishing the entire goals of their company. Transitioning to a EHR may assist a hospital in meeting objectives such as enhanced quality and safety, as well as improvements in clinical quality ratings. Furthermore, an updated system assists the hospital in expanding and developing new technology advances, whereas an outdated system may impede the system’s capacity to make cost-effective improvements. Some vendors generally supply evidence-based information and technology to help clinicians make these choices.

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