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The question is bolded. The answer should relate to the quote at..

Part 3 "It’s supposed to be a place you go to, to be cared for, and to have your medical needs taken care of and, if it doesn’t happen, people just stay away or go somewhere else" "Everyone has a right to be treated fairly and everyone has a right to have access to health care." Ms Sharon Williams, (Naomi’s mother), ABC News, 2021 Racial bias concerns re-emerge at Tumut Hospital, two years after Naomi Williams inquest Culturally unsafe practice contributes to negative healthcare experiences and poorer health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Unconscious bias impacts clinical decision-making and negatively impacted the care Naomi and her unborn son received. Naomi repeatedly and actively sought healthcare over a prolonged period of time. The adoption of culturally safe practices by healthcare practitioners directly involved in Naomi’s care may have prevented the tragic outcomes Demonstrate your understanding of Best’s five principles of cultural safety by discussing how culturally safe nursing and/or midwifery practice may have prevented the outcomes in this case and can be used to improve patient experiences and outcomes for all First Nations Peoples. Requirements: . Your response should demonstrate a clear understanding of how culturally unsafe nursing and midwifery practice may have contributed to the outcomes in this case. NSG2FNH 2023 Student Assessment Handbook page 11 of 21 . For this response, you need to demonstrate your understanding of how cultural safety principles can be effectively incorporated into nursing and/or midwifery practice to enhance the healthcare experiences and outcomes of First Nations Peoples. . Knowledge acquired from the prescribed textbook should be referenced in this response. The principles of cultural safety are outlined within the following resource: Best, O., Fredericks, Bronwyn, & Bryce, Dame Quentin. (2018). Yatdjuligin: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nursing and midwifery care (Second edition.). Cambridge University Press. The library has provided access to a copy of Chapter 3 within the second edition of the textbook which relates to the principles of cultural safety. You can access the chapter here: