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The registered nurse is preparing to care for a group of clients at…

The registered nurse is preparing to care for a group of clients at the beginning of the shift 0700.

The clients are as follows: The first client has a bacterial infection in their leg and has been febrile.The second client was admitted the previous day d/t a new heart condition and started medication for treatment. The third client is being treated for a pelvic fracture, this client’s B/P is elevated. The fourth client was admitted d/t confusion, weakness and dizziness; however, no cause has been determined and additional tests are scheduled.

The first client needs their temperature reassessed after getting antipyretic medication (tylenol) 1 hour before.  The second client asked for help to the bathroom.  The third client is scheduled to have their antihypertensive medication.  The fourth client’s fall prevention bed alarm has sounded.  One unlicensed assistive personnel is available to assist with clients needs.  The RN delegates the unlicensed assistant to assist the second client to the bathroom.


A. Using each priority-setting framework separately (ABCDE, Maslow’s and urgent vs. No- urgent) identify the client who should have their needs met first.  What potential concerns do you see with prioritization when using different frameworks?


B. Based on the guidelines for delegation, Identify whether the RN should direct the unlicensed assistant to take the temperature of the first client.  Support your answer with an evidenced-based rationale


C. Explain whether the RN followed the five rights of delegation, delegating the unlicensed assistant to assist the client to the bathroom in the scenario.  If not, what should be changed to meet the five rights?


D. Develop a plan to meet all clients needs as described in the scenario using the principles of prioritization and delegation with the assistance of the unlicensed assistant. (Compare your plan with a classmate (study partner) and discuss any differences if able).


E. The fourth client is found on the floor and states, “My leg hurts.”  A new skin tear is visible on their forehead.  Revisit your plan for prioritizing and delegating?  Explain.


F. Just after finding the fourth client on the floor, the transport personnel arrive and request to take the client off the floor to the radiology department for testing.  How might you respond to the transport personnel’s report?


G. What benefit is there to the clients when the RN prioritizes and delegates appropriately?