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The utilization of information systems for the purpose of enhancing patient care

I am asked to Respond to at these following posts from my peers and compare my experiences with Linked in from their experience with Linked in. 


Here was my experience:


The utilization of information systems for the purpose of enhancing patient care is what is known as health information technology (HIT). HIT is an essential tool for improving healthcare delivery and achieving strategic objectives. (Nelson & Staggers, 2018 ). Using health information technology on a large scale in the healthcare sector has the potential to enhance patient safety, cut down on unnecessary expenses, streamline operations, eliminate paperwork, and promote accessibility to low-cost medical treatment.

List some of the users you are now following on LinkedIn. Tell us a bit about the​ ​user and/or their posts.

On LinkedIn, I have recently started following the World Health Organization, the American Heart Association, the American Nurses Association, American Nurse, and Nursing Times. The World Health Organization (WHO) publishes articles that provide information on the most recent health news and topics, in addition to providing healthcare professionals with resources and helpful hints. The American Heart Association publishes articles on its page that discuss the most recent findings of heart-related research and initiatives, as well as advice for leading a heart-healthy lifestyle. The American Nurses Association maintains a blog where it discusses various advocacy initiatives, nursing news, and opportunities for professional development. On the American Nurse page, there are posts about nurses who have inspired others and about the positive impact they have had in their communities. The page for Nursing Times features recent news and articles on a variety of topics associated with nursing and healthcare.

Did you come across any relevant information? (Please provide an example of each).

Conferences: While browsing online, I came across a post on the page of the American Nurses Association (ANA) pertaining to the ANA Leadership Summit in 2021.

Webinars: I came across a post on the World Health Organization’s page for a webinar where they discussed the difficulties posed by COVID-19 and the solutions to these difficulties.

Research: I was reading online and came across a research post written by the American Heart Association. It discussed the most recent findings from research on how to keep your heart healthy and prevent diseases.

News: I was reading through the Nursing Times page when I came across a news post that discussed the most recent developments in nursing education and regulation.

Networking: I was browsing the American Nurse page when I came across a post on networking that was all about connecting nurses and other healthcare professionals from around the world.

What were the topics being discussed on the #HITsm or your hashtag thread? Are​ ​any of them relevant to what we are covering this semester?

On the #HITsm hashtag thread, the subjects that were being discussed were all connected to health informatics in some way. The application of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the medical field, as well as the influence of health informatics on the quality of care provided to patients, were just some of the topics that were brought up during the conversation. These topics are pertinent to the material that we covered this semester because we have talked about the application of technology in healthcare and the influence that health informatics has on the delivery of medical care to patients.

Did you come across any interesting discussions during your hashtag search?​ ​Which discussion did you respond to?

I came across an interesting discussion about the​ use of AI​ and machine learning in healthcare. I responded to this discussion by sharing my opinion on the importance of using AI and​ machine learning in healthcare and how​ it can help improve patient outcomes.

What are your overall impressions of LinkedIn? Will you continue to use it for your​ ​own research, professional networking, and education?

My overall impression of LinkedIn is that it is a great resource for professional networking and education. I plan to keep using this networking site for my own research, professional networking, and education. It is a great way to connect with other healthcare professionals, keep up to date with the latest news and trends in healthcare, and find resources to further my education. Social network platforms such as LinkedIn are a beneficial and cost-effective way for healthcare organizations to talk to patients. They have a lot of potentials to get patients involved through official and unofficial posts, photos, and videos. They allow for an interactive environment where clinics can talk to patients in real-time, engaging them in ongoing conversations that go beyond doctor visits and allow healthcare information to be given, treatments to be followed up on, and questions to be answered. This makes processes more efficient and customer-focused and helps patients get closer to their doctors. (Pianese & Belfiore, 2021).



I would like to compare my experiences with these two below. 


1. After revisiting my LinkedIn page and updating some of my details, I looked at my current network to see which companies I am already following. Every company, page, or person that I am following on LinkedIn is medical or school related. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is one of the pages that I follow. Recently, they shared a post from the National Council of Urban Indian Health regarding the implementation of Electronic Case Reporting. The CDC is helping the NCUIH to modernize data and allow fast and more efficient case reporting for infectious diseases for Native Americans living in urban areas. Vitas Healthcare, a former employer of mine, is another page I follow. Recently, Vitas Healthcare posted about their CIO speaking at a Business of Health Care conference regarding the next generation of healthcare IT leaders. (Miami Herbert Business School, 2023) We did not have electronic health records when I worked at Vitas as a hospice nurse. I believe this was implemented a year after I left, so it is great to see that they’ve invested a lot of time and money into this. A study from 2021 explored how Palliative care providers felt about the use of digital health for their industry. The majority of responders felt optimistic about the introduction of EHR in palliative care to better collaborate with other providers and communicate with patients. (Mills et al., 2021)

Many of the other pages I follow have posted webinars, news, and discussions regarding various topics within the healthcare industry. LinkedIn offers a very different experience from other social media platforms such as Facebook since the focus is mostly industry-specific and professional networking.

During my search of #HITsm, I ran into a thread regarding the use of EHR as a parent advocating for their children. Many parents posted their experiences regarding how EHR has provided them with the tools needed to better advocate for the care of their loved ones. Some expressed their concerns with gaps of information missing from the EHR, making it difficult for patients to receive continuity of care. These discussions are relevant to the information we were taught this semester, as it shows the important role that EHR plays not only for healthcare organizations but for patients and families as well.

I’ve had my LinkedIn profile for many years now. Though I do not frequent this website, I understand the importance of it when it comes to networking and learning about new information related to nursing and healthcare in general. I plan on utilizing LinkedIn more frequently once I become an RN and am ready to start my professional career.




2. Some of the users I am following are:

  • Rebecca Love- nurse, innovator, and the voice for all nurses who is passionate about empowering nurses and creating communities to help nurses innovate, and collaborate to start businesses and inventions to transform healthcare.
  • Angelo Venditti- a nurse executive who mission is to make nursing better for the future generations through strategy, leadership, and innovation.
  • America Nurses Association- a national professional association that advocates for nurses and patients by establishing and promoting a safe and ethical work environment.
  • CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesia Professionals)- groups of professionals that discuss issue, post jobs, request information and support from one another.
  • Erin Fox- talks about the shortage on drug, drug quality, drug policy and solutions to it.
  1. Rebecca love- statistics and research about the #StateOfNursing. 5 things she stated to inspire and empower the nurses and CNAs. Angelo Venditti- share videos on conference that he attended such as the Cy Wakeman conference talking about the research on post-traumatic growth. CRNA- networking to recruit nurses to become a member of the council and committee team of different topics such as humility, collaboration, objectivity, cultural diversity, adaptability and many more. Erin Fox- held a conference about “Building Resilience into the Nation’s Medical Product Supply Chains”. Talks about the health and medicine division board on health sciences policy.
  2. HealthCare It Today Weekly Roundup was a topic that was being discussed. It provides a loop back at articles that were posted and why they’re important to the healthcare IT community. There are some relevant articles that covers what we are learning this semester such as “How connectivity impacts patients and providers”, “The ever-evolving world of cybersecurity threats”, and “Discussing the potential impact of QHINs”.
  3. Opkit was an interesting topic that I happened to come across. A platform to make insurance verification process faster and visibility of fees. It will get patients to get the procedure they need faster instead of having to wait for a prior authorization which can take weeks.
  4. Overall impression of LinkedIn is somewhat interesting so far. Still new to it so I am still in the learning process of it and learning to maneuver about the website. I find it will be an interesting tool to use for educational purposes and professional networking.