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There have been many changes and developments in mental health supports and services over the years.

PART A: Written Questions and Answers


Question 1:


There have been many changes and developments in mental health supports and services over the years. In the following table, provide three (3) changes or developments in each of the following: Historical, Social, Political and Economic.



Question 2:


In the following table give a description of each of the seven (7) categories used to describe the different types of mental illnesses.


Mood disorders
Anxiety Disorders
Personality Disorders
Psychotic Disorders
Eating disorders
Trauma related disorders
Substance abuse Disorders

Question 3:


Provide a definition of each of the following models, values and principles relating to mental health supports and services.


A:: Recovery and recovery oriented practice and principles.


B: Person-centred approach.



C:Holistic approach.


D: Collaborative approach.




E: Health promotion and prevention.


F: The empowerment approach vs disempowerment.

Question 4:


a: What are the benefits of ‘early intervention’ in mental health?






b: Provide a description of each of the following social justice principles as they relate to mental health.


Access and Equity

Question 5:


In the table below, document four (4) myths that have resulted in stigma or negative attitudes about people with mental illness and then document the facts.


Myth Fact

Question 6:


a; What is discrimination?

b; What are the impacts of discrimination and prejudice on people with a mental illness?

Question 7:


A: Describe the impact that our own values and attitudes could have on a person with a mental illness, both positive and negative.




B: Discuss how you will support the person to express their identity.

C: Provide examples of how you recognise and respect a person’s social, cultural and spiritual differences?

Question 8:


A: Research the Act that relates to Mental Health in your State and describe its purpose.



B: What would you do if the person you were supporting does not understand their rights under this legislation?



C: Provide an explanation, with examples, of the following and how they relate to your role as a support worker.


Definition Examples relating to a worker’s role
Duty of Care
Dignity of Risk
Informed Consent
Privacy, Confidentiality and Disclosure




D: Provide two (2) rights and two (2) responsibilities for employers, clients and workers in the mental health sector.


Rights Responsibilities




E: As an employee, what information will you need to perform your role safely? Provide five (5) examples.




F: As a worker in community services, what could be the consequences for you, the organisation and the client if you breached the mental health legislation?


You Organisation Client


Question 9:


How does mandatory reporting relate to children in the workplace?


Question 10:

How does ‘Scope of Practice’ relate to your role?

Question 11:


In what circumstances would you need to refer the client on to a health or other professional or your supervisor?