TRANSLATION OF FOREIGN OPERATIONS QUESTION On 1 July 2021, Corkie Lid, an Australian company, acquired all the issued shares in Doogan Ltd, a company incorporated overseas. Exchange rates for the year ending 30 June 2022 are as follows: 1 July 2021 FC $1.00 = A$1.15 Average rate for the Year FC $1.00 = A$1.17 Ending Inventory Acquired (before year end) FC $1.00 = A$1.20 30 June 2022 FC$1.00 = A$1.22 The statement of profit and loss and other comprehensive income and statement of financial position for Doogan Lid are provided as follows. The accounts are stated in FC (foreign currency) dollars which is Doogan Ltd’s functional currency. Statement of Profit and Loss and Other Comprehensive Income Doogan Ltd For the year ending 30 June 2022 FCS Sales 30 000 000 Less Cost of Goods Sold: Inventory 1 July 2021 6 000 000 Add Purchases 24 000 000 Less Inventory 30 June 2022 -5 400 000 Cost of Goods Sold 24 600 000 Gross Profit 5 400 000 Less Expenses: Administration -900 000 Depreciation -1 200 000 Net Profit Before Tax 3 300 000 Less Income Tax Expense 1 500 000 Net Profit after Tax 1 800 000 Other Comprehensive Income Comprehensive Income 1 800 000..

ABC Pharma -a case study on Activity Based Costing Established in the year 2000, XYZ Pharma is a credible drug manufacturer which has strengthened patented drugs over the last two decades and produces three products, X, Y, and Z.


It did reasonably well in terms of market share and penetration in the past but over the last 3 years or so it is facing stiff competition, and sluggish demand and is unable to understand why; as there has been no drop-in product quality as endorsed by the Quality Teams.

It hence appointed a drug consultant to study the processes and furnished the following information to it, to conduct a due-diligence and examine and advise the suitable course of action in terms of the way ahead. The drug consultant has suggested that it should now switch to “Activity Based Costing” as:

It has multiple products spread across geographies

It is now fairly established and hence the cost-benefit case would suggest the switch as “financially viable”


An extract of the evaluation report is as under:


It requires 3 production runs to produce 5000 units of X, 5 production runs to produce 7500 Units of Y, and 7 production runs to produce 10000 units of Z.


The material requirements are as under:


10,000 kgs @ Rs 10/kg for X

12,500 kgs @ Rs 8/kg for Y and

15,000 kgs @ Rs 6/ kg for Z


It takes a total of 15,000 hours each to produce X and Y and 8000 hours to produce Z respectively. Labour is paid @ Rs 20/hour.


The company also incurs Rs 760,000 in overhead costs. These are allocated amongst the products basis the labour hour rate. The desired margin is 25% on the selling price for all divisions. The company is struggling with inefficient pricing, in some cases it is not able to penetrate the market as the products seem overpriced whereas in some cases, the products seem underpriced thereby eroding margins. Hence, it has decided to switch to Activity Based Costing.


It has split the overhead costs as under, after a thorough evaluation of the costs, and identification of cost drivers to enable the assignment of activity costs to cost objects:


Set Up Costs of Rs 450,000 (driver: Production Runs)

Material Handling Costs of Rs 310,000 (driver: Material Consumption)


You are now required to arrive at the costs per unit of X, Y, and Z and estimate the selling prices if the desired margin is still mandated at 25% on the selling price for all divisions.



What are the costs and selling prices per unit if the company continues to use the current direct labor hours allocation method?


2. Explain the concept of Activity Based Costing and how it can help ABC Pharma identify inefficiencies and optimize pricing strategies.


3. Analyze the relationship between cost drivers and cost objects in the context of ABC Pharma.


4. What are the costs and selling prices per unit if ABC Pharma implements Activity Based Costing?


5. Compare and contrast the traditional direct laborhours allocation method with Activity Based Costing and discuss which method is better suited for a multi-product manufacturing company.


6. Evaluate whether ABC Pharma’s products are accurately priced and provide supporting reasoning.


7. Develop recommendations for ABC Pharma based on the findings from the Activity Based Costing analysis.

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