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You work in an integrated youth centre that..

You work in an integrated youth centre that provides information, legal and other advice along with practical support such as IT access, washing machines and food preparation areas for young people. The centre is alongside a Headspace service. You are part of a youth interagency in the region.

Daniel is referred to your service by his school counsellor. She is concerned about his severe depression and behaviour issues (such as not completing work, ignoring teachers and truancy), but she has had trouble “getting him to open up”. She fears he will eventually drop out of school altogether.

On his first visit, Daniel tells you that he doesn’t want to talk to a counsellor but has come because he wants to use the computers. He adds he “doesn’t mind talking to someone who’s not old”. that You then show him the computer room.

After some time there, he comes back to you and starts to tell you why he had been seeing the school counsellor. He describes symptoms of depression and anxiety, including self-harm, severe insomnia and weight loss. He says he does not have many friends because everyone at school is “too cool”. He tells you he finds it hard to concentrate at school and is “pissed off with everybody all the time”.  He says he hates his sister, who is two years older than him, and adds that she is spoilt and doesn’t care about anyone but herself. You explore his mood right now and talk further about his concerns.






List the strategies you could use to obtain further information about the client’s needs from family members or other significant people and issues around confidentiality. Provide examples of the further information you would seek from the client, family members or other significant people.