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Your task is to research business articles regarding a particular.

Your task is to research business articles regarding a particular organisation to analyse and provide a report to its senior management, using your understanding of management accounting. 1) You are required to choose a suitable organisation about which you can find some useful information and commentary on management accounting issues. 2) You are required to describe and explain the management accounting issues you discover. 3) You are required to provide conclusions and make recommendations to the senior management which enhance the performance of your chosen organisation. Learning Objective: After completing this Individual Assignment, you will be able to: 1. Evaluate information from a variety of sources in order to facilitate management decision making; 2. Appraise the value of various approaches used in the measurement and management of performance, including the balanced scorecard and benchmarking; 3. Develop a plan for using the most appropriate costing, performance measurement and transfer pricing techniques in given scenarios; 4. Recommend a course of action for a range of business problems, including situations in which quality and/or sustainability are critical issues; and 5. Assess the role of the management accountant as a facilitator of strategy within an organisation, including demonstrating an understanding of contingency theory Page 2 of 3 ACCM4500 Assessment 3 Outline Assignment details Select one or more newspaper/website/magazine article(s) (written in English) which raise management accounting issues about a particular organisation. The articles must be written recently (after 1 January 2022) and taken from an appropriate source, such as the ABC, the BBC, Australian Financial Review, The Australian, The Wall Street Journal (US), Financial Times (UK) and Economist (UK). Other sources may also be suitable – please consult your lecturer if you are unsure whether a particular source is appropriate. Required 1) A reliable link and reference to the relevant article(s) so that senior management can access it/them. (3 Marks) 2) Consideration of the management accounting issues raised by the article(s), including any potential strengths/opportunities and any weaknesses/threats identified. (11 Marks) 3) Consideration of management accounting techniques or tools that lead to solutions/courses of action/lessons learned that you would recommend how the issues identified can be tackled or how the organisation concerned can improve its performance. (11 Marks) The article(s) that you find are merely a starting point, and your research into the organisation needs to go much further. Adopt a report format which means having the following sections: • Title page • Table of contents • Executive summary • Introduction • Body of the report • Conclusion • Recommendations • References 5 Marks are awarded for appropriate presentation of the written analysis, including wording, grammar, spelling and referencing